Seen him many times over the years. He is now at the VA in Jacksonville,
Go somewhere else
I found Dr homra very receptive and patient. He explained the procedure and why it was necessary. He answered all my questions and was not rushing me out. His staff was very professional and comforting during a very embarrassing procedure. I thank them for that. After surgery Dr homra was there expanding results to my wife aND myself . All of my apointments (4) were kept timely with little or no waiting. My experience with Dr homra and his staff was very pleasant and I recommend him highly.
Dr West was very professional and communicated our options clearly. I am blind so it is important the Dr takes the extra steps necessary to communicate and he did. Surgery went smoothly. Couldn't be happier.
I live approximately one hour north of Jacksonville, but so grateful I found Dr. Vashi through an introduction to Jax's MD Anderson Hospital. A little less than a year ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer (52 yrs old now), and I was really worried about my next steps. I was lucky enough to get great counsel with Dr. Vashi, and ever more grateful for his expertise with my surgery, as well as my ongoing recovery. I knew he was a "top gun" in his field and glad I found him for care.
Words cannot describe Dr. Vashi. Saved my dads life. Very nice Doctor and very patient. Thank you Dr. Vashi!
Prostrate Cancer Removed via Devinci robotic surgery. Great surgeon, would recommend to other family. Short recovery time. Coming up on 2 yr check PSA remains -0-. Listens to concerns, will explain and answer questions. Best option to have the prostrate removed...
Dr Homra spent time with me talking about management of a kidney stone. He was not rushed and answered all of my questions. I found he had a very nice bedside manner. All I can say, my experience with Dr Homra was excellent.
Dr. Vashi was recommended to me by Dr. Dalton at McIver Clinic. Dr. Vashi was the 1st urologist in Jacksonville to perform the DaVinci Robotic Surgery and several of his patients have been doctors at Jacksonville's St. Vincent's Hospital. Impressive! I was convinced that he had the experience and technical ability to give me the best result possible. His compassionate demeanor calmed my fears. Everything went like clockwork. That was 10 years ago and I have been cancer free since that point!
Dr Vashi fit me in within a week for a second opinion on treating my BPH. I was facing major surgery with a six week recovery time. While this was an acceptable solution to my problem he said it could be satisfactorily correct with Greenlight surgery. He did the surgery. Everything came out fine and one week after surgery, my life is back to normal. That's patient care.
I am a 55 yr old male that was diagnosed with prostate cancer on Aug. of 2015. Dr. Vashi, explained to me my options & was extremely professional! I had surgery to remove my prostate in 2 weeks later. My procedure went smoothly and it was not as painful as I anticipated.The timeline that Dr. Vashi gave me for recovery was right on the money! Now I am cancer free and 95% full recovery! Thank you Dr. Vashi!
Dr. Vashi performed a robotic prostectomy in march of 2016 on me. his professionalism and confidence is his work was calming at a difficult time. The surgery and recovery went exactly as he explained. His staff was always helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend Dr. Vashi for robotic prostate surgery.
Had one appointment with him as he was filling in for my urologist who was on vacation. He said he had read my whole chart and knew all my med history. He told me that my biopsy results were negative and that I did not have cancer. This was wrong, since I was told by my regular urologist, (before he went on vacation) the results were positive for cancer. Turns out West didn't know much of anything about my med history. He apologized when I told him he was wrong about my biopsy results.
Went in hospital for half hour procedure and wound up staying for a week. While in the hospital Dr. Swartz wanted to remove my kidney which I found out from another doctor it was bogus. He was just trying to cover up his mistake by removing the evidence. Would not trust him to trim my toenails let alone operate on me. He also claims to have lasers off a cancerous tumor (that only he seen on Xray) yet there was no biopsy report nor was there any evidence that any tumor had ever been remove.
Dr. is very understanding,, plus when you've gone to him as long as I have you have all the trust in the world. Set up appointments is another thing, last two years nothing but a headache, the postal service got blamed, and I don't believe that's the problem 2 years in a row !He's is so busy it is hard to get in scheduling patients needs some refining.
Dr. Vashi is a professional highly skilled robotic surgeon. He removed my prostate due to cancer and it was very successful. I would recommend robotic surgery over regular surgery to anyone needing prostate surgery. It is very successful and the recovery time is so much faster and easier. I can't say enough about the quality and professionalism of Dr. Vashi and his staff.
If I could leave less than 1 star I would. Never in my life have I been given such awful treatment. The nurse needs to be fired.
I had robotic prostate surgery in mid-march of this year. I had researched Dr. Vashi prior to the surgery and discovered that he was one of the best, if not the best, surgeon performing robotic surgery in Jacksonville. Dr. Vashi, as well as his staff members that I encountered, were extremely professional, helpful and friendly. As a health care provider myself, I feel that I know how to judge competence and Dr. Vashi is extremely competent as well as caring.
Psa at 5, wanted to schedule needle biopsy , asked no questions. I had a needle biopsy 6 months earlier. Total time with me probably 3 minutes.
Receiving a cancer diagnosis is frightening at best.Dr Homra delivered this message to me in such a way that I was confident the outcome would be good. He sent me for a second opinion that day with Dr Shawn West and surgery was scheduled for a week later. His efficient and professional manner saved me much distress. I would highly recommend him.
Best cancer surgeon ever
Dr Vashi is a very professional and caring physician. He has excellent communication skills and went into detail on my condition/problem, options for treatment, etc. He assured that I became well informed and he definitely helped me in making a treatment decision. I chose surgery as my treatment choice and his follow up monitoring and communication was outstanding. I judged his technical skills as excellent by the procedure's success and fast recovery I experienced.
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