It was a pleasure having Dr. Kevin Kaplan and he’s team working with me on both my 2016 left shoulder surgery and my 2017 right shoulder surgery. Regarding the required physical therapy after the surgery, working with the Mandarin JOI group was also an excellent experience. They were very professional and courteous at all times. Word of advice do the complete physical therapy or the surgery would be a waste of time.
I had a total hip replacement in May, 2017. I can't thank Dr. Freeman enough for giving me my life back! I was in considerable pain before the surgery. If you are hesitant, please be assured, Dr. Freeman will help you make the right decision. I was in the hospital for one day, and walking without a walker in less than a week. He totally put me back together! Everyone I met at the office was very friendly, and seemed interested in my recovery. He's the best...I wouldn't use anyone else!
Dr. Young is very rushed and doesn't give adequate time to his patients. I went through two rounds of injections to relieve my knee pain in addition to six months of physical therapy. I only have deteriorated. Unfortunately, I have never been told why, or what I can do to more permanently relieve this pain and limp. When I tried to see another doctor in the practice for another opinion, I was reprimanded by the other doctor for leaving Dr Young. How unprofessional of this practice.
Dr. Freeman and his staff were always incredibly professional. As a busy professional myself, the one thing that I most appreciated was the fact that every time I had an appointment, I was seen on time.
I would highly recommend Dr. Keller to anyone looking for an orthopedic surgeon! Yes - I did have to wait over an hour to see him. However, his compassion and expertise cannot be overlooked. He took his time with my evaluation and even asked me questions. He saw me, when no other surgeon in Jacksonville would, due to the fact that I had surgery in Spain. I am very grateful for individuals that go above and beyond in their profession, and Dr. Keller certainly did!
Well qualified, caring, spent time listening to my concerns. Great office staff.
Dr. Savages had helped me several times, some with injections, other times just medicine or physical therapy, and once he sent me to a surgeon when there was nothing left that he could do. Great bedside manner, professionalism and expertise.
Dr. Freeman is an outstanding Orthopedic Surgeon. I am so happy with the results of my hip replacement. Dr. Freeman is knowledgeable and explains everything perfectly and he is very caring person. I felt confident with Dr. Freeman from the 1st appointment meeting him, through the surgery and through the post-op appointment. Dr. Freeman is not doubt, a 5 Star surgeon. I highly recommend him.
I would like to thank Dr. Freeman for his extraordinary care and concern. From my new patient visit and throughout my care, Dr. Freeman has been compassionate, concerned and attentive. Throughout my care, Dr. Freeman has provided a atmosphere of personal attention, second to none. It is very obvious that his staff members are a direct extension of his professionalism and commitment to patient care. Dr. Freeman is knowledgeable and serves his patients with a patient/person-centered model of care.
Dr. Freeman is and excellent Orthopedic doctor and i had a great experience with him when i had my shoulder injury. He did a thorough exam and came up with the appropriate treatment to fix my shoulder injury. He took time to answer all of my questions and did not rush through the initial exam or the follow up exam. He explained all of the possibilities of what the injury could be without alarming me. I really think he did everything right.
Excellent physician. Very professional and skilled. I would highly recommend Dr. Freeman to others in need of a great orthopedist. In addition, I found JOI to be well organized and patient friendly.
Dr. Carl Freeman and his staff are highly professional and yet outgoing and friendly. Dr Freeman made sure I knew what he was doing every step of the way and that I understood and agreed with his diagnosis and treatment plan.
I appreciate the care I have gotten from Dr. Freeman, his staff, Baptist hospital, and the rehab that I have gotten from JOI
Excellent surgeon - he did a great job with the surgery and, equally important, he was there for me during the post-surgery healing process. This doctor gave me his personal cell phone number - almost unheard of among physicians - for emergency problems. I would never abuse this kindness but I did have to use it once (happily, it turned out to be ok) but he did answer the phone at 11:00 pm and answered my question and gave me treatment suggestions.
Went to Dr Norman for an injury to my knee he never ordered MRI or anything told me to come back in a week. He was rude, in a rush, and arrogant.
Professional demeanor yet expressed such empathy and concern. He and spoke to me as a person. Rarely u find a doc that has time to explain my spine problem. He broke it down so I could understand it then discussed treatment options. He is not injection happy but I'd choose him over anyone to do my spinal injection. The downside is u may have to wait weeks to get to see him. He had a ARNP for quicker follow ups. If he is late in clinic it's because he takes time with patients.
Dr. C is an amazing surgeon. I would compare his work to that of an artist. I shattered my calcaneous (heel) and was referred to him for treatment. He performed surgery on me and now I can walk. He answered any and all questions I had. Highly recommended!
Dr. Pujadas was excellent to me. The care that he and the staff at J.O.I. provided was extraordinary. I suffered from a torn rotator cuff. Dr. Pujadas, though I don't remember, explained to my wife and I the procedure that I to undergo as well as discoveries he made during the surgery and further repairs made were above anything I expected. He even showed my wife pictures of the work he did both before and after. Even further he called me at home following the surgery to see how I was doing.
I am a middle age overweight woman with heel pain so I must have plantar fasciitis Dr C walked into the room with a sheet on PF and proceeded to tell me that was my diagnosis despite a lack of exam I said I had ankle and outer heel pain No arch or bottom of heel pain he said my ankle might be some other issue but the heel was PF Saw a 2nd doc and received a completely different diagnosis and my foot is much better
All my Bible class friends as well as Facebook friends know how wonderful my surgery went with Dr. Freeman. He is compassionate,sincere,listens and is devoted to your care and most importantly to your recovery. His office always looks clean and neat. Staff is very friendly and willing to assist you with all demands. Seeing that most patients are in pain they understand that concept and are motivated to care and alive any problems for your recovery. I need had to wait more than 5 minutes .
Great doctor, and so kind!
Dr Kaplan performed an ACL replacement on my right knee September 2nd of 2016. I am 6 months into my recovery and currently can run ride my bike and am starting cross fit again. I hope to be back in Jiu Jitsu in June. I would Highly recommend dr Kaplan and the Beaches JOI Rehab team especially Megan to anyone who needs knee work performed. Matt Thayer
Dr. Kaplan and his staff have always provided me outstanding medical care. Dr. Kaplan diagnosed and repaired my right arm about 6 years ago and I made a full recovery. Then just 3 months ago I injured my left arm. Once the doctor at the emergency room confirmed my worst fear I called Dr. Kaplans office on a Friday afternoon and had an appt Monday morning. He performed a full diagnosis and had me in surgery by the end of the week. Thanks to him I have made a full recovery once again.
Dr. Norman is kind and competent, and his staff is wonderful! My grandmother had no pain after her hip replacement.
Dr. Tandron is an excellent doctor, professional and compassionate. He helped me ease the shoulder pain sending me for MRI, shoulder injection and PT. Dr. Tandron also asked me to see my PCP and make sure there is no other health issue after knee and shoulder issues. Thank you Dr. Tandron!
Dr. Norman is excellent! He just did my right knee replacement and everything about the process with him went smoothly from beginning to end. He is such a professional, competent, detailed, thorough, yet kind and caring physician. I wanted to do it with someone that does this "all the time" but for the right reasons and is that old school physician that runs a tight ship and cares about his patients and doing a superb job.
From diagnosis, prep op, operation, post op and rehab, I only have praise for the wonder of Dr. Longnecker and his team. Professional, caring and knowledgeable, Longenecker has brought me back to the athletic woman I used to be.Perfect results, no pain, due to Dr. Ed Lee femoral nerve block and spinal, back in the gym after one month, with an ACL reconstruction and graft. So pleased. Minimal swelling, no pain meds needed and fully functional. Thank you!!!!
I have been seeing Dr. Norman for arthritis in my knees for quite some time. He totally replaced both knees this past winter, and I could not be more satisfied. My new knees are great. Dr. Norman is the best
Don't go to this doctor. My shoulder injury was impeding me from playing sports, but not my day-to-day life. I said this to the doctor, and he implied that since I can lift my arm that nothing is wrong. He took an x-ray and an MRI. However, he called and gave me his report before looking at the MRI. I realize that the MRI will come with its own report, but wouldn't you want to look at the MRI before writing your own report? The front desk was extremely rude when I called for copies of the files.
Dr. Robert Savarese is an excellent pain doctor, he has been my doctor for almost 5 years and he is the best of the best and ahead of the rest when you need pain relief. I highly recommended him to anyone that's tired of being in pain like I was. Wayman H.
Dr. Savarese is one of the best pain Doctor's on the planet. I have been going to him for back pain treatment for about 4 years and each time I seen how knows exactly with to do to to make me fell better. Wayman H. Saint Augustine, FL
I am fat but the subject never came up. Dr. Pujadas was kind, polite attentive and effective.
His Sudbury left me with a pain full compressed nerve that he never offered to fix.
Dr. Savarese is a good listener and his theory about my issue was confirmed through an MRI. He was able to treat me without surgery, which I am very thankful for.
Very polite and informative. With the rapid X-ray display and consultation I was able to realize how tough I have been on my body. Dr. Pujadas fixed the pain in my shoulder so I am able to use my arm again. Dr. Pujadas understands and cares about his patients. I wish there were more stars to select for him.
Very nice bedside manner - never seemed rushed to move on to another
In a time of need. Dr. Perry was there and went above and beyond to get me back to life and work. I can't say enough about his work. Thank you Dr. Perry, i can never say your praises enough. Derryl Wood
If you're fat, don't waste your time visiting Dr.Pujadas. He will blame your ailments on your weight and do very little, if anything, to help you. I was a hard core athlete with prior injuries when I was thin, but that didn't matter. He will take your money, treat you like a lazy pig and if you're lucky... he will give you 5 minutes of his time. I gave this man 3 chances... But NEVER again. It's a shame that this happens in the medical field.
The office wait time is the only drawback to Dr. Crenshaw. I have been pleased with his treatment plan because he attempts to first resolve issues without surgery.
By far one of the best doctors Ive ever met He replaced both my knees and one hip. I would recommend him and have recommended him for years. I have never had a problem.

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