Dr. Ferrante is the most caring Dr. I've ever had. She doesn't rush you in and out and she takes time to really listen to you and she does her very best to help you even if it's with a referral to another Doctor. I wouldn't trade her for anything. I love the care I receive from her..
Dr. Ferrante is an outstanding physician who cares about her patients. I would highly recommend her.
Dr Dell is an excellent doctor. She takes time with you. Is a good listener. She also explains things so I can understand. She has been my primary physician for over 10 years. I would definitely recommend Dr Dell. The staff is very good also.
A very caring physician. I have been a patient for at least 15 years and he always is pleasant and caring.
Dr. Rios is a very proactive physician. He likes to solve problems before they become problems. I appreciate his candor, his humor and his caring and professional nature. He has put up with me for decades.. He is the perfect physician for me.
Dr. Burton is the best primary care physician in Gainesville. He is thorough, attentive, positive, and assertive in his approaches to medical problems.
Dr. Morris and her staff are excellent! My wife and I have used Dr. Morris as our primary care provider for the past eight years or so. We always recommend her to anyone we know who is looking for a family doctor. We have always been impressed with the high level of kindness and professionalism and the individual attention and concern shown by Dr. Morris and her staff. Choosing her was a very wise decision.
I have had only good experiences with every member of the staff at this practice. I am really pleased with the level of care and attention that I have had from the Nurse and Doctor, I just cant say enough. I do not enjoy going to the Dr. per say but they always make the experience a pleasant one and calm my anxiety. They are very warm and caring and really take the time to give you the best medical care, it never feels rushed and they are very thorough.
Dr. Dell and her staff are very professional and caring. They are prompt with returning phone calls, keeping appointments (if late they explain why), and following up with test results. Dr. Dell is very personable and takes time to listen to health concerns and time to discuss her findings. I have been seen by Dr. Dell for many years and travel a distant (over an hour drive) in order for her to treat me. I have complete confidence in her as my doctor.
I have been a patient of Dr Burton's for several years and have always been extremely happy with his approach to medicine which simply stated is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! He is willing to take the time to ask questions and listen to my concerns. I am treated more like a friend than just a "medical chart." Both Dr Burton and his nurse Kelli are reachable via email on the Patient Portal and they respond in a timely manner.
My cardiologist recommended Dr. Burton & said he was the best in town. Dr. Burton has never disappointed. He took care of my whole family with tremendous respect & tenderness. Hospital staff told me he spends long hrs. with his patients. To give you an idea of just how atypical he is, he reserves an hr. every day (which might be a lost billable hr. for him) to facilitate his patients should they have an emergency. Last, but not least, he's a genius & will improve your health with his knowledge.
I have been a patient of Dr. Ferrante's for quite a few years--at least 15--and I have always been very satisfied with her as my physician. She is kind, courteous, attentive to my needs, and on top of any conditions that might threaten my health. I am always able to see her if I have any problems along the way, such as a strep throat recently. Dr. Ferrante keeps up with the latest developments in medicine, reflecting her high level of competence. I hope she will always be my physician.
Absolutely love Dr Morris, Shannon and staff. Great care, follow up.
This was my first visit to the office.. I was pleasantly surprised to be seen by Dr. Dell at the appointed time. It was a pleasure to meet her and she immediately put me at ease with her professional attitude warmed by her friendly greeting. She was already familiar with my medical history and I was very satisfied with this first consultation. Moreover, I have been amazed at the pragmatic use of technological devices, openness and availability to patience. Thank you much for excellent care
Excellent doctor. Listens to my concerns, opinions, and problems. Finds appropriate solutions of the least invasive nature. A very knowledgable docror.
Dr. Morris was referred to me by a good friend and I'm very greatful she did. She is kind, personable, and actually listens to what you have to say.
Dr Morris has been my primary care physician for several years now. I hav so much confidence in Dr Morris that when my daughter was sent to hospital with very high blood pressure I started trying to get her an appointment with Dr Morris. Confidence in a doctor nowadays is rare but we have that with Dr Morris and her staff. We thank you!!
Many of our friends and family are patients of Dr. Rios and we all trust his judgement and Are confident that he is truly concerned about our problems.
yes I would - been going to him for over 15 years -- good man
Dr. Guy explains test results carefully and fully. He listens to patient concerns and responds with knowledge and suggestions, but he doesn't pressure you to follow a suggestion if you decline for reasons you think important. (Example: I do not get flu shots.) Dr. Guy is doctor I trust and would recommend to anyone seeking a primary physician.
Dr. Ferrante has been my primary physician for 15 years. She is a very attentive and caring doctor. She always takes time with me whenever I am in for a routine physical, minor or big problem. She answers all the concerns that I had. Her staff is friendly an helpful. I would recommend her to any of my family and friends.
Dr. Manuel Diaz is a wonderful physician. He is knowledgeable and kind. He explains his diagnosis and treatment plan in a language the patient can understand. I strongly recommend him for patients of any age and gender.
Dr. Diaz is one of the kindnesses and most attentive Drs I had in many years and over my lifetime of 73 years, I have seen many DR's in several locations as I have moved several times. He is concerned with any aspect of your health he can help with and if it is out of his expertise he will send you to a qualified Dr. in whatever field is needed. His assistant Lisa is super if you call her for a concern or whatever the call is about she responds as quickly as she can.
My wife and I both go to Dr. Dell. We had been searching for a physician that we could both feel comfortable with and when Kay came back with a positive report, I joined her as a patient of Dr. Dell. Dr Dell is kind and welcoming and is happy to discuss any issues until she is sure that you are happy with her explanation. Unlike my more recent experiences, she is always looking out for me and keeping my medications, tests and vaccinations up to date. I am happy to recommend her to anyone!
Dr. Morris is a great listener and provides wise counsel related to my health-related questions and concerns. She is patient, understanding and knowledgeable.
He is the kindest and most caring Doctor I have ever gone too.
Very caring and a doctor who truly listens to your concerns! I have never felt rushed, she spends quality time with me to answer any questions I have.
I searched for quite some time before I found Dr. Dell, when I found her I thought finally a Dr that will listen to me,& that will tell me exactly how it is no beating around the bush (which I hate) a Dr that if I need to see her a lot sooner due to unforeseen circumstances, her nurse gets me in sooner to see her, my wait may be a little longer than normal, but she is so worth the wait. I ran out of room here so I will just say Dr Dell is a valuable asset to the medical profession. LOVE HER!
Dr. Slaton is up to date on the current changes in health care and takes the time to explain things to me. He answers all my questions in a caring manner. My only problem of recommending Dr. Slaton is that he might become so busy it might become difficult to get an appointment with him. I like the fact that the lab is in the same office also.
Dr and staff all great from when you check in, lab tech. And leave.. I like that can get labs done at same place see your md.
I have know Dr.Burton since his training days. Even then, he was a studious and accomplished physician. He has been my internist for the past 10+ years. As a physician myself, I'm not sure there is a better recommendation. He and his entire staff, especially his nurse Kelli, have always been available and accommodating. His medical expertise is reassuring yet he retains a holistic approach to his patient interactions.
Dr. Rios is the best doctor I've had. I suggest him for everyone.
Dr. Burton is one heck of a guy. He is our family doctor! He has a wonderful patient outlook and explains health situations in easy terms. He takes time with each visit and his nurse Kelli is wonderful also. Appointments are available for same day situations. Dr Burton also makes patient visits to NFRMC if you are admitted.
I have always felt comfortable with Dr. Morris and trust her recommendations for my healthcare. Her nurse, Shannon, is always pleasant and efficient, and is an excellent complement to Dr. Morris.
Dr Guy is a great Dr. He is prompt, takes the time to listen and explain things and takes good care of me. Our Family is also moving over to him as their Dr. also.
Dr. Dell is a great doctor. She takes time to really listen to your needs and explains everything in a way that you can understand. She does not hurry you out the door. She makes sure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction and if she needs to she will refer you to other specialist. The office staff is wonderful and if you call and leave a message they always get back to you in a timely manner.
The likelihood of recommending Dr. Dell to family and friends is excellent. I feel like she is a part of my family. Even though she has many patients, I do not feel like a number. She knows me as a person who cares about my health and will follow her lead. She never gets too busy to listen to my concerns, and that is another reason why, I will tell my family and friends that she would be an excellent doctor to have for their health care. I am excited to live up to her expectations.
My husband and I (Ron & Denise Knight) have been with Dr. Rios for a long time and pray even longer. I would recommend Dr. William A. Rios to any one who needs medical attention if Dr. Rios is take patients. Ron's been with Dr. Rios about 30 years
I have recommended Dr.Rios to friend's who have thanked me for my referral. Dr. Rios has the incredible combination of being knowledgeable and sensitive. To be so intelligent in his field and empathetic too is a blessing to his patients.
I was referred to Dr. Rios by another Dr. He told me he was the best family Dr he had ever encountered. I must say, without hesitation, he is the best. Whether I am in for a routine physical, minor problem or big problem, he and his staff have always given me and my family excellent care. I can say, he has made my life better.
Thorough and complete review of the problems presented to him, accurately analyzed and proper recommendations, l impressed with his tact to treat patients.
Dr. Morris has been my physician for a number of years. She is very kind, and has a calming demeanor. She is also very thorough in regards to labs tests, and reviewing same with me. I never feel rushed during my appointments with her. Some of my friends also use her as their physician. I would highly recommend her as your primary care physician!
Dr. Guy is so wonderful and professional. He takes time to speak and treat his patients and make sure that any and everything that can be done is done.
Dr. Dell is exceptional. She takes the time to both go over the latest test results but also listens to any issues you have and provides insight. Her friendly manner also contributes to a down-to-earth approach to medicine. Her staff is also excellent and supportive.
Of the many physicians I've seen over the years, Dr. William Rios, MD, is probably one of the most concisely informative, knowledgeable, systematic, and proactive. Moreover, He is sincere, warm, and cheerfully convivial during visits. I recommend Dr. Rios to those, like myself, who are over 70, whether in the peak of health or not.
Wonderful doctor!
Dr. Diaz is fantastic! He is extremely professional, kind, knowledgeable, understanding, and truly cares about your health and wellbeing. Dr. Diaz has an excellent bedside manner. He is knowledgeable and thorough in his diagnosis, and takes the time to explain your medical issue(s). Dr. Diaz is extremely easy to talk to, and will listen and answer all your questions and concerns. His nurse Liza is wonderful! She is extremely courteous, professional, and caring. A wonderful team!!
I would recommend Dr Burton. He is a good listener and allows for your opinion and is open to discussion. He is very good with referring to other Physicians. We have been very pleased with his staff also,
I have always been happy with the service and professionalism of Dr. Morris. I have never felt rushed at any appointment and have never had to wait for any length of time in the waiting area. Dr. Morris always listens and I feel that she really hears what I am saying. I feel very comfortable with her knowledge and trust her to make valid decisions on my health issues. I would highly recommend Dr. Morris to all my family and friends.
Dr. Burton is an outstanding physician. He is knowledgeable, he takes time with patients to make sure that their concerns are understood and properly addressed. He explains lab results in a manner that is meaningful and easy to understand. He makes recommendations to patients to improve their overall health. His office is the best run office of any physician I have ever been to.
I highly recommend Dr Dell. I have been going to Gainesville Internal Medicine for 13 years and have come to appreciate her as a physician. She is confident and easy to communicate with. She always takes time to listen.
Great experience. Everyone was wonderful. They took their time & went over everything with me.
Dr Burton is thorough and interested in his patients. My appts have always been prompt and Dr Burton and his nurse are readily available (he provides his patience with his email and responds promptly). Big contrast to my previous physician (for the better). He was recommended by two of my personal friends who are physicians.
Dr. Burton has successfully diagnosed medical issues I have had in the past. He always takes time to ask and answer questions. The office is always clean, staff are professional, and wait time is minimal. I have recommended Dr. Burton to friends and family members.
Outstanding doctor and very concerned about each of his patients!
Dr, William Rios is an excellent medical care giver. A doctor by vocation first, Dr. Rios always sees you with all of his attention driven to you and your health conditions. He never seems to be on a rush when talking to you, impeccable bed manners and medical jargon is always explained with clarity and complete understanding. His staff is as compassionate as he is and returns calls/ emails immediately or between twenty four hours. Amazing doctor with phenomenal and brilliant knowledge!
My husband & I have been his patients for several years, and we will never switch. He truly listens, hears, and explains as though we were the only patients he had. Recently my husband had a new diagnosis and Dr. Rios had us in office for over an hour going over everything until he was sure we understood the implications, what we should do, and what follow up was needed. He also reached out to me with a supportive hug, understanding the emotional burden I was carrying due to husband's illness
Dr. Diaz from my experience prove to me beyond a doubt to be one of the most caring and concerned doctors I have ever met in my entire adulthood. I have tried many doctors throughout Gainesville Fl. There are none in my experience to compare with his love and respect for his patients. He has proven that his patients are #1 in his profession. Thank You Dr. Diaz for you great care and concern for each and every one of your patients and may God Out Father continue to keep you the Dr. you are.
My husband and I were very impressed with Dr. Rios. He listens and explains what is happening. He does not have a computer in the room,so I do not feel he is distracted while I am trying to talk to him. If you do have to wait ...think of this...he is helping someone else understand what their bodies are doing to them too. He will take the same time with you. Be patient it is worth your time.
A wonderful, kind physician who is unfailing sympathetic to all of my complaints. He is never rushed and always behaves as if you are the most important patient in his practice. Every one should have such a great primary care physician!
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