My husband had two procedures same day with Dr Leibach. We were very impressed with him and his staff. Everyone was very nice and professional. Got us in and out much faster than anywhere we had been in the past. It was clean and private. My husband said they made him feel very comfortable. Which says a lot for such an uncomfortable situation. We highly appreciate you all and will recommend you in the future.
I visited Dr Molina a few months ago. He requested many tests (including a colonoscopy) for an accurate diagnosis and it initially made sense to me. However, one of the tests showed a kind of microorganism in my intestines which could be the cause of my problems. He started a ten day antibiotic treatment. Colonoscopy was in the middle of this treatment and he didn't consider postponing it until I called and asked about it. I could only see a nurse to discuss test results and I was charged for it
I have had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Wasjman for over 15 years and love her. She is so calming and reassuring and has great bedside manner.. She has performed several colonoscopies, and endoscopies over the years and tested me for a liver condition. I highly recommend her..
He is not thorough. He does not take time with you. He just sets and types on the computer the whole time you are in the room.
The first time I had an appointment with Dr. Leibach, as a referral, I had to wait 4x the length of the appointment. After dictating to me for all of the better half of ten minutes, Dr. Leibach dismissed the initial opinion of the referring physician; contrary to positive test results. All while insulting the referring physician for being a P.A. He never offered me a treatment plan, accused me of not believing him, and referred me out to The Mayo Clinic. Weeks later, I've yet to retain help.
Dr. Collins is a wonderful doctor. He was very pleasant and perfectly competent. The office snd surgical staff are friendly, skilled and efficient as well.
Dr. Bhardwaj is obviously very knowledgeable. He may be a good physician from a clinical standpoint but in regards to patient relations he is lacking. He has no bedside manner. He did not introduce himself to me and hardly even looked me in the eye. Once it was time to get on the exam table, he simply tapped the table with his hand instead of asking. I somewhat trusted his diagnosis and treatment but it was hard to because he did not explain things well at all. He came off as being judgmental.
Dr, Leibach is the best!!!
I was referred to Dr. Collins by my endocrinologist, who said that he was very thorough. I found this to be true, that Dr. Collins listened carefully to my account of my symptoms and did all of the necessary tests he could do to try to find the cause. When the cause could not be determined, he offered to refer me to Mayo Clinic for further testing. I appreciated the thoroughness and will be seeing him for follow-up of gastroenterological issues in the future.
Competent, easygoing, friendly, and clear.
He listened carefully, did appropriate testing, and found the problem.
I love Dr. Liebach. He has a great personality and never seems rushed when I need to see him. He's also very good at what he does. I would recommend him to anyone with GI issues.
He was a lifesaver to me. He knows his business. No nonsense, to the point, doesn't waste time but takes the time to patiently listen to your questions and concerns.
2 colonoskopies and visits once a year professional effective
Dr. Collins has TERRIBLE bedside manner. After many procedures, 8months of severe pain and losing 30 pounds I finally got a diagnosis! Dr. Collins refused to give me medicine and his nurse told me to avoid leafy green vegetables- over the phone. They said the dr wouldnt see me for a month. He also misread a CT scan and told me I had something wrong with my kidneys so I went to the ER. And there was nothing wrong with my kidneys. So I spent an entire day in he ER and got a $300 bill for no reason
I have been to Dr. Ross before and I find him very easy to talk to about a potentially embarrassing matter - bathroom habits! He is caring yet professional.
I have seen many GI doctors throughout my years and Dr. Maico is by far the most compassionate one I have seen. He advised me on things that many doctors had missed in my care to date. I travel from The Villages, Florida to see him and pass MANY doctors to do so!
Dr. Molina is the best doctor that I have ever had. I have seen him over 20 times and had over 10 colonoscopies and have never had an issue coming out of the procedure.
Dr Leibach completely invalidated me and was dismissive of my complaints. He glossed over my urgent physical episodes telling me that my diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia were "psychiatric" conditions presenting primarily to women causing symptoms that are always "much worse". Then he said I needed "to see a psychiatrist" for depression and anxiety. He also intimated I had "Dr. shopped." (My primary referred me). Dr Leibach is an arrogant, uncompassionate physician.
Dr Beers was so compassionate and helpful as my husband went through the process of cancer discovery and was directed to surgery. I cannot imagine a person more sincere, kind and helpful.
Sninsky saw me and thought nothing more than good insurance. I have been through every single test you can imagine and my problems still persist. I WOKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF MY COLONSCOPY. Horrible things were said about me when they thought I was in an amnesia state. An apology was never issued for any of this. I have tried for weeks to speak to my doctor, only to be blown off and play middleman with his nurse. No resolution at all. He refused to make a referral for me to see someone else.
Though he is not the friendly type he is medically/technically very good and listened to my issues and acted quickly and resolved my problem on the first visit. I would definitely recommend him.
Excessive , long wait times when waiting to see physician. Very cold and uncaring staff.Takes forever to reach a live person to address any issues.You are a number to the practice not a person as their only interest is ,asking money.
He was cold and rude. He doesn't believe female patients when they describe symptoms. Ignored IBS symptoms completely. Ran many uncomfortable and expensive tests on gastroparesis symptoms. Found nothing, told me to just lose 60 lb, and discharged me from his practice. No diagnosis, no advice, no support. Bad doctor, worse person.
Dr.Maico is an outstanding physician.He takes the time to listen to your GI problems and always has a solution for whatever issues are plaguing you. I recently had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy,procedures that I felt very comfortable having,because you feel, that you really do trust his expertise.Dr. Maico is an asset to his profession,and I would highly re- commend him to anyone who needs his Specialty
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