Yes i have. He's most kind and helps in any way he can. I would recommend Dr. Busby to anyone who may need physical help. He's very easy to be around and talk to. He answer's your questions' and calms your fears'. Best Doctor I have ever had, and I do not say this lightly. His Staff is very helpful and so cheerful.The receptionist is always' with a smile, and you do not have to wait long. In and out, unless you need to talk. Dr. busby really hears' you. Great Dr. He's my Doctor. Teri Mayo
Friendly, helpful staff. Very little wait time .. Addressed all my heath issues and concerns. . I needed several referrals to specialist's, they called and got insurance approval with in fays instead of weeks or months !!! I highly reccomend this office
If you take pain meds be prepared to fight off them every time. Regardless of your condition. I pray one day she is in great pain and nobody will help her.
She is very rude and has no bed sized manner what-so-ever. She never listens to what's really wrong. Always tries to tell me what's wrong before it even comes out of my mouth and interrupts while I'm explaining things with a smart Alec comment. the office is dirty. She is rude to my children and treats them like they are a nuisance and gets very disturbed when I bring them in with me. Like, doesn't she know that single parents have to bring their kids? I'm going to a NEW DOCTOR! Anyone's better!
NO RECOMMENDING AT ALL . The staff are great, no waiting at all because she has no patients

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Cantonment Office
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