The assistant who helped me in the room was the sweetest and most compassionate woman. Dr Katz was wonderful in pointing to a shoe store that had good shoes that actually fit my wide difficult to fit feet and they were stylish! I was very skeptical, but am a believer now. They were running behind when I went in, but were very courteous on my second visit.
Dr. Harte did a major surgery on my foot @ Manatee Hospital in 2014. His compassion was always evident. Once healed (it took @ 10 weeks), you can't even see the scar; and I am completely pain free. My only regret is that I didn't know Dr. Harte sooner, so I wouldn't have had to live with a painful, deformed foot for 50 years. My foot now feels and LOOKS perfect! And Dr. Harte couldn't have been nicer.
Dr. Handley was very good. He has a great bedside manner and is very personable. I highly recommend him to others in need of a foot doctor.
HORRIBLE IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE! First of all, the wait. Had an appt. at 9:00 a.m. and arrived 20 minutes early to do paperwork. Noticed on the sign in sheet that there were a dozen other names on the sheet with the same appointment time. I waited in the waiting room for over half an hour before being called in to an exam room. Once in the exam room, I was kept waiting another half hour. The doctor didn't show up until a little after 10:00 a.m. when I was putting on my shoes to leave. I use
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Handley. I had a foot that was really messed up, quite a challenge. Due to his skills and perfectionism, I have a normal, straight foot now plus straight toes too. He's a pleasure to work with - does not over-promise, is easy-going and humorous. I could not have hoped for a better foot surgeon! The staff was terrific, thorough and nice. Great and effective physical therapy too. The place is very busy and now I understand just why that is.
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