I have seen Richard Gagnon on three different occasions and could not be anymore pleased. Explains this in great detail making your options for treatment total understandable. Would highly recommend Richard!!
Dr. Alexander was very thorough and efficient. Treatment was compassionate and proper. Full body scan resulted in some treatments with a follow-up to be sure it all worked. Will return this Fall for a follow-up appointment.
He was very professional. Diagnosed me quickly
The best. Thourough. Professional. Communicative. Creates a great working staff team. Checks every part And is still quick
I LOVE Dr Alexander. I went to her for years in Sebastian before she moved to Sebring ; after her and her husband had a baby . I miss her expertise. VERY thoural!
Dr. Giachino is amazing! He makes you feel super comfortable from start to end. I was never in any pain what so ever. Dr.G changed my life with something I thought I had to live with forever. Just 2 weeks after my procedure and I see how amazing I'm healing. You truly get VIP treatment with Dr. G and his team. Eileen his nurse is the best around. I'm so happy I met with him and that he's apart of Water's Edge Dermatology now. Book your consult now!
Dr. Greyling is one of the most caring Dr. She takes the time to listen to her patients concerns, and issues and does whatever it takes to make you comfortable. She has so much knowledge and is one of my favorite Dr's to see and has helped me in so many ways.
Professional and friendly approach that got the desired results! Also helped in finding an affordable drug to treat the problem when insurance made the first choice unaffordable.
First appointment: Certainly knowledgeable, BUT abrasive & rude in manner, arrogant & obnoxious. This practitioner spoke to me as the parent, rather than to my teenage son (who was the patient)- not even making eye contact with him. Levasseur spoke so fast, that my son had a difficult time catching his questions 'on cue', and understanding his advice. We felt as if we were rushed, and when he was 'done' with us he even said "now we're done'.
Mark has taken care of our family for several years now and we would not go any where else! His knowledge and experience are the best and any skin issues are completely taken care of. I will continue to recommend him to everyone, especially for yearly skin checks which are so important.
Answered all my questions with patience and a smile!
Experience, superior knowledge, timely
first visit with her. very rushed. extremely aggressive treatment to freeze head skin cancers. very painful and overkill. will take addtl. 7 days more than usual to recover. their pa beth Mitchell may not have her credentials but will see me till I die before dr. alexander again. mind you, have never criticized a medical person in my life but feel justified and disappointed to do this.
I would not recommend this dr. for any procedure his billing practices ARE OUT OF SIGHT I was to have a procedure by the dr after my dermatologist preformed a moles surgery I went for a consultation which lasted a total of 15 mins for his explanation he charged me 477.00. I called 2 other surgeons and there rate varied from 140.00 to 180.00 which is reasonable. when I called the Dr. office there response was WE CAN CHARGE ANYTHING WE WANT This charge had nothing to do with the surgery!!
Excellent visit, very knowledgeable and would recommend.
My wife & I set appts with her every winter when we come down to Florida to have full body skin exams to check for any pre-cancerous lesions. She's found several which our Dermatologist back in Wisconsin wouldn't remove because of concerns about Medicare paying for the removal. Dr. DeStefano has no reservations about removing these which she found. She's excellent. Wouldn't think of going somewhere else. Asks questions and listens to the patient. Very compassionate and understanding
Dr. Tivoli was very professional and attentive addressing all my concerns. The prescription she gave me for my hyper pigmentation skin issue is doing its work and I will be going back in three months for my second appointment. I sincerely recommend Dr. Tivoli. I am very happy to have gone to her for my skin concerns. Her nurse assistant Yvonne was very professional and attentive as well.
Was referred by a neighbor. Went in for a specific issue but inquired about a few other issues. Dr Weltman listened, showed concern, and I did not feel rushed. The doctor met all my needs.
After reading all the good reviews I decided to take my son to this office. I must say I was very disappointed. He did not spend much time with my son and I. This office is not child friendly as we were waiting for almost 45 minutes in the waiting room. When my son became fussy I decided to take him and walk with him and one of the staff members came up to me and asked if I cannot let him walk in the hallway. I would not visit here again.
My wife and I were won over by Dr. Tivoli several years ago when she practiced at NSU, Davie, FL. We followed her to Waters Edge and have continued the best patient/provider relationship.
Was seen by dr Tivoli in the lighthouse point office very careing dr
Excellent care and concern provided
Pleasant, friendly staff. Nice clean office, minimal wait time. Dr Tivoli is knowledgable, warm, caring, attentive. Very pleasant experience. Happy to be under her care.
I went to see Dr Tivoli with a lot of concerns and worries. I had been using the same dermatologist for 15 years and he had retired. I was referred to her by my rheumatologist who was not sure of my diagnosis. Dr Tivoli was on time, very professional and put my fears to rest. The staff was very pleasant and the nurse Gerard was very knowledgeable. It was a terrific experience which is very rare in medical offices today
Given that it was both my and my husband's first time at a dermatologist, we were both a bit nervous. The moment we were met by Dr. Tivoli and and Nurse Meredith, our fears subsided. They were both incredibly kind and knowledgeable - it was a quick and painless process. Thank you!
Very personable and professional! Took time to make sure I understood everything that she was going to do and always asked if I had any questions or concerns. Lovely staff and great care. I would reccomend her to anyone who needed her care!
This Dermatologist obviously does not like his job. Does not give a thorough skin exam. Not recommended.
Hello! I visited the Water’s Edge clinic this morning (2-1-17), and had a very gratifying experience. The staff displayed spectacular medical competence. The procedure was efficient, surroundings pleasant, and the social display was inspiring. I was pleased beyond my best expectations. Peace happiness. Thomas V. Muller, Arcadia Florida.
Both the doctor and his staff are very professional and personable. I have already recommended him to family and friends. I see him at the Conroy-Windermere location.
Attentive, respectful, extremely knowledgeable. Remembers who you are. Empathetic. 76 yrs old female
Top Notch Dermatologist here in South Florida,Ive been to quite a few but have never met such a kind,caring Dermatologist in over 30 Years who takes His time and wants to know My concerns.Melinoma runs in my Family,Dr.Spock stays on top of it as I see him at least 2-3 times per year,wait time in minimal and ALL Staff are just as kind.Ive recommended Dr.Spock to everyone who needs a Skin Doc and all come back telling me how pleased they are.Personality,Knowledge all tied into one Doctor.
I went in for blemishes on my face, loss of pigment on my arms and dry scaly lesions on my legs. He aggressively challenged my medical history, doctors and blood work results as if I were lying. When I produced lab results on my phone, he wouldn't look at it. He gave me cream for the lesions on my legs, but left before addressing my face or skin pigment. When the nurse brought him back in, he impatiently glanced at my face and said "Looks normal". I've never been so belittled by a physician.
Dr. Wangia and his staff are excellent. They are more than willing to answer any questions and to explain treatments.
Personable, professionaL highly recommend
First time patient of Dr. Wangia. Both he and nurse, Marcus, put me at ease about my scheduled procedure.
caring, thorough, knowledgeable, nice bedside manner.
Impressive. I am not a fan of dermatologists as my previous three experiences resulted in a mis-diagnosis and just selling me expensive creams. I felt like I was at a spa, not a doctor. In the matter of skin cancer that runs in my family, this is serious and I prefer a doctor who is professional and all business. I trust Dr. Tivoli. She completed an entire body exam, diagnosed the issue, made a treatment and follow up plan in less than ten minutes. Her office is modern and staff is great.
1. Excessive amount of waiting time. 2.Said he or his office would call with results after pathologist reviewed the biopsy, did not!
I went in to have my spider veins addressed and Dr. Maj took the time to ask questions about any issues that I might of had with my legs. Well, I did. I had dealt with leg & feet cramps almost every night for over a year. I thought it was just something I would have to learn to live with for the rest of my life. He and is wonderful team did some tests and determined the issues. It took a number of procedures but, it is very rarely now I have those cramps! I highly recommend Dr. Maj!
Whole experience was great. Would recommend.
Absolutely amazing Physician. She takes the time to listen to the patient. She is very knowledgeable and gentle. I am very satisfied with the care provided. I highly recommend this provider.
I was seen at the VAMC in Augusta, GA while Shaughnessy was doing her residency. I rate her practice fair at best. I found her to be condescending and very defensive when presented with proven case studies for my dermatological issue. She may be Harvard grad, but Junior college level in the way that she spoke to several of the veterans prior to seeing me. Perhaps she has matured since her residency.
Very professional and likable with a great staff.
Dr. Maj is very professional, gentle and caring. He takes time to explain your condition and his plan for treatment on the very first visit. While under his care he always made sure I was comfortable and asked if I had any questions. Wish I had him for my primary doctor. His assistant Mandy and the rest of his staff are very nice and helpful. I went to the Wellington office. It is very clean and very little waiting time. I highly recommend Dr. Maj to anyone with vein issues.
Dr. Omura is wonderful! I've seen many dermatologists over the years but none compare to Dr. Omurah. She is very thorough and always takes time to answer all questions and concerns. Unlike many busy doctors, she actually listens to her patients and does not formulate answers before she has heard the concerns and symptoms. If I could award her more than 5 stars, I would definitely do that! I wish all my doctors could be as great as Dr. Omurah.
The best of the best!! Great Dermatologist, very caring and always right with diagnosed treatment!
Dr. Minni was recommended by a trusted friend and I would highly recommend him to family and friends.
Up coming superstar at Waters edge Dermatology.
Very knowledgeable and competent doctor. He takes the time to explain all procedures, answers all questions, and sets procedure expectations. He is very easy to talk with and will see patients in other offices, if the necessity arises. His assistant Mandy is also very knowledgeable and always so happy to see patients. I highly recommend Dr. Maj as I am pain free to do everyday activies. Thank you Dr. Maj!
Excellent provider but front desk staff was very rude and unprofessional.
Dr. Maj did such a great job on my veins! He is a very caring doctor and has a wonderful personality. His staff front office to the medical assistants were so pleasant and made all my visits a great experience. I have recommended him to my friends and family.
I saw Dr.Maj in the Jupiter office and was so pleased with the experience. Not only was he friendly and informative but you could tell he really wanted to help me feel better. I had pain in my lower legs for quite a while and he has helped me immensely. I also visited him for spider veins that have been appearing on the back of my knees, thanks to him doing sclero and educating me on how to prevent them from appearing i have had great results! I would recommend him and his team to everyone.
Dr. Maj is an outstanding Vein Specialist. He is attentive and listens to your concerns. The results are amazing and I would recommend him highly!
Dr. Maj is not only a fabulous MD. But he really cares for his patients and takes pride in there happiness. He is full of knowledge and makes you feel at ease when he is doing any form of procedure. He is always willing to answer any questions or concerns without hesitation I highly Recommend him for any vascular concerns.
As a retired clinical social worker, how you treat a client/patient is as important as what the patient is being treated for. I find Dr. Shaughnessy's patient relationship superior. She is friendly, caring and real. You instantly feel comfortable with her. I have gone to dermatologist for over twenty year, in New York and Florida, and her knowledge and surgical skill is superior. She is the all around best Doctor I have visit.
Very caring professional. She is the best!
Dr. O'Brien is an amazing Dr. and goes above and beyond for her patients!
Dr.Maj and his staff go above and beyond for you. He has helped me in so many ways to achieve relief in my legs and ankles. His nurse' Mandy and Sandra are amazing and will give you first class service. His ultrasound tech Lisa makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Dr. Maj is a vein genius don't hesitate to see him!
Dr. Maj and his team are the best!!!! They put me at ease and made everything an exciting experience! His bedside manner is stellar and he gave me my confidence back !!!! I trust him and highly recommend him! He is a vein EXPERT with so many top options to offer patients! Thank you Dr.Maj and amazing staff!!!!!
Dr. Maj & his staff are amazing. I never knew why my veins kept coming back & after he explained it to me & treated my legs, they're finally gone & so is my pain. I spent so many nights awake from leg pain & assumed it was something I'd have to live with. They made me feel relaxed during my procedures & treated me like family. I send all of my friends & family to Dr. Maj & I highly recommend him!
Caring, friendly, and highly skilled with many years of experience. Very short wait tim to get an appointment and in the office when you get there very little or no waiting. Friendly staff. He did a great job stitching up my leg after an excision for skin cancer..minimal scarring due to all the extra time he took stitching it.
Dr Omura has been treating me for 15 years and has successfully diagnosed and excised malignant melanoma on 3 different occasions. Her professionalism and caring attitude is unmatched by other dermatologists I have visited. She is highly recommended.
It was perfect help. No problem anymore.
I had the privilege to meet Dr. Maj and was blown away from his expertise. I always feel silly asking questions that might be obvious but Dr. Maj treated me with the upmost respect. He explained his procedures in a easy step by step basis and how his surgeries work. He is a great easy going guy and if I or any of my friends need his services, I will be sure to give him a call or refer my friends/family to him.
I recommended Dr. Maj to all of my friends, family and coworkers. Dr. Maj is highly experienced, practiced, skilled and very knowledgeable. I am impressed by his work ethic. Dr. Maj even took the time to speak to my other doctors who care for me. Dr. Maj is very well respected and I am impressed with the extensive training and experience he has in this field.
Excellent physician. I have had many excellent experiences with Dr. Maj. The office is clean and his staff is excellent. I was also very impressed with how detail oriented Dr. Maj is with treating my vein disease. Had I known about him sooner I would've sought treatment much sooner. I highly recommend this excellent physician.
Dr. Maj takes the time to explain everything to me clearly. I appreciate his bed-side manner as well as his skill in performing surgical procedures on my veins. Dr. Maj also takes the time to listen to my concerns and answer any questions that I have. He tailored my treatment to fit my needs. I never thought I would ever feel so good about my legs. All of my symptoms have resolved under the care of Dr. Maj.
Very informative, professional and has spent a lot of time with me to not only explain my diagnosis but also to treat me. I would recommend without reservation.
Dr. Omura is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen and explain things well.
Dr. Mosley-Mendez took her time in educating my children in skin care : type, cause, prevention and treatment course for their current conditions. She offered samples and assurance to contact her immediately for any questions and concerns. My daughter saw her a year ago for an initial consultation /treatment plan and we are pleased with the great results. My son just had his first consult and we are confident that the results will be the same. Compassionate , caring person.
Very professional. Couldn't be more pleased with her attitude, courtesy, and knowledge. Highly recommend her and Waters Edge!
this office is a scam they tell you it is free and than when i arrived they still wanted $ 50 copay once i refused to pay they became very unfriendly and rushed me through the process the nurse is absolutely rude and this reflects of the doctor doctor is not very strong he thought i had a cancerous spot but in fact i hit my head on a door accidently and what was left was a rough spot, very basic to notice
In the past I've had SKs removed, one of which was covered by insurance. During a visit in April I told Dr. Platzer in advance my concern about cost, such as skin tags, etc. not being covered by insurance, and the cost. All he said was, Really? and proceeded to use liquid nitrogen to spray 4-5 spots without giving me a diagnosis or option (patient choice). I paid my co-pay of $50, and then received a bill for $125 for destruction of flat warts. Not bad for 5 minutes,
Smart, to the point, polite and timely.
I've have seen many doctors during the last 30 years to treat my skin cancer. I'm really on the fence after my first visit with Dr. Montie. I have had all kinds of skin cancers including melanoma. My complete exam took less than 10 minutes. This was not a complete examination. He did not look at my scalp, under my arms, or my feet; only what he was able to see that wasn't covered by the gown.
Caring, understanding and listens well to patients issues. Gives valuable advice and recommendations. Helped me where no other doctor had any interest in my issues. Highly recommended by me.
First visit with dr. Ramirez this week. He was thorough and professional. He listened well and created careful notes of his findings
Excellent, whole staff are very pleasant. Dr. Platzer Is very professional and friendly, makes you feel comfortable discussing even sensitive issues :-)
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