I was having severe shoulder pain until I visited Dr.Delo . At the initial visit Dr. Delo quickly acknowledged the problem and took care of it for me. She is a very knowledgable physician and I was very pleased with my visit.
This was the first time I felt that my medical issues and concerns were well received. There was a genuine sincerity of care and concern for my welfare. She listened, she didn’t finish my sentences for me, she was interested in what I was saying, I wasn’t the 900 clock patient I was Elliot, she explained her diagnosis and what to expect and presented options to me. She made me feel valued and I have faith that she will do her best not just for me but for all patients. Thank you Dr. Delo xoxoxo
Since relocating to Florida I was in search of a primary physician that would give me the special care that I need and I found that with Dr Delo . Dr Delo takes the time to explain - she is thorough , has patience I could not have asked for a better doctor
I have been a patient of Dr. Delo for over 10 years. All of my family sees someone in this office. They are wonderful with a very caring staff. I would definitely recommend this office.
Dr.Delo takes the time to listen to you and recommends a conservative approach to medicine, which I like. She is thorough and very kind.
I took my mother there, and I wish I never did. My mother was complaining to her multiple times about her shortness of breath. I asked her if she can send her to a pulmonary Doctor, she laughed at me. I took her myself later on and she had severe bronchitis. I came to conclusion that she thinks of her self as a specialist in every field. Well, she is not. She is a regular primary physician who would run every test on you in her office. Her staff is even worse, they do not return calls at all.
Well I went there because of a headache, she ran so many unnecessary tests and I got a nice bill from her office. One trip cost me more than 2 grand. Then she finally told me I need to go see a specialist for my headache. Very unprofessional. Why even run every test if you can not handle it? Leave it to the specialists lady!
I have been a patient for three years and found that the front desk has really lost some basic customer service and professionalism. Conversations are inappropriate and other staff such as the gals doing labs make off color remarks walking through the waiting room. I really like the practitioners and hope they can get a better handle of the support staff that can make or break an office.
I've been a patient of Delo Medical for 13 years and I know dr Delo to be a very caring doctor who goes out of her way to help her patients every time. The front office staff is great, very kind and helpful.
This office has highly trained staff and providers. Always friendly and helpful. Love this office.
I moved to port saint lucie 3 years ago and started seeing Dr. Delo and her wonderful staff. They all take enough time with and listen to my needs. I am very happy and pleased with their office. Dr. Delo is an amazing doctor!
Dr. Delo took her time and answered all my questions. I have been seeing her for 18 years and she has a great reputation in her community as well as with me! I would recommend.
Would never go there..I had right hand weakness and she did a test called nerve conduction study on me, she would not tell me the results. Later on, I found out that only neurologists who are trained to do should perform these procedures and not her. She did not bother sending me to see a neurologist until I did my own search. My new neurologist told me I need surgery. I found out she has no business in performing such tests. That is unacceptable.
I count myself very lucky to have a doctor like Linda Delo. She spends a lot of time with you, not only solving your health problems but also encouraging good health habits that will prevent problems in the future. She is a leader is her field, and she has staffed her office with others who share her same level of care. I recommend Dr. Delo to my friends all the time!

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