Worst doctor ever. Did a emergency hip replacement back in 2013 and had to have it redone this June. It was for an 85 yo person. I was 59 at the time. He also never put the cup in which was stated in the hospital report. So for 4 years I have been in pain. I would NEVER LET HIM TOUCH ME OR ANYONE I KNOW. He's rude, doesn't spend time with you and one that couldn't get out of there fast enough than answer your question. He's a butcher if a doctor. My new doctor even heard bad stuff about him.
I'm amazed by the lack of consideration in returning calls. I had a visit with Dr. Baker on last Friday. I believe I ended up seeing a PA. NO INFORMATION ON WHAT HAPPENS AFTER A CORTISONE SHOT. I had no clue that I would be in such servers pain after the spray wore off. I spent the entire weekend in pain and my leg feels like it weight 50lbs. I have called the office several times. No answer, no return calls. I can't rate Dr. Baker for I didn't see him. Staff.. no!!!!!!! And PA! NO!
Probably one of the worst place I have been. Was contacted by their office for an appointment, they called me, spent like 20 min giving my info to the lady, at the end I drove 1 hour to go there an one hour to come back and the doctor was not there. They told me they did not have me in the system. The answer of the lady when I told her that she waisted my time was if you want to talk to the manager you can do she can understand how you feel but the doc is not here so we can't help you.
I have had a great experience in this office. Thanks for taking care of my shoulder and knee pain. Dr Baker really helped my pain. His foot & ankle doctor too also took care of my heel pain, Dr. Tabora. Great place, they had everything I needed!
Today was my last visit and I have only great things to say about the staff and Dr Baker.Emily is lovely and very caring. I would highly recommend Dr.Baker. Thank you very much, Michelle Sternberg
If I am only allowed 500 characters to explain my ordeal with this office, it's just not going to be enough to get out my story. I will just leave here, that this office is thee most negligent, incompetent, unprofessional Dr. office I've ever encountered. From having to buy my own fracture boot (because no one would after being told three times they did), to being overcharged, to the staff fighting in front of me. This place is horrendous and I'm still getting billed over two years later!
Dr Baker is wonderful.
Polite friendly
Everything goes very professional staff and appointments run on time . I would recommend dr.baker to all my friends and family , I am very impress with dr.baker and his work. He is very kind and his professional is a plus.
Dr Baker. Is a wonderful Doctor. He helped me out, took away my pain in my left shoulder. Thanks Julie
Although I've certainly met with Dr. Baker, it's otherwise been Physicians Assistant Gary Edman with whom I've visited for fractures in my right clavicle. I can't speak highly enough of Gary, who not only presents a professional demeanor, but is friendly and — you all know this is important — doesn't rush the patient. In today's medical climate, that's rare. I should also point out that the staff is likewise friendly and professional, and here's another biggie: THE PLACE RUNS ON TIME.
Dr. Baker spent as much time as I needed and answered all my questions for surgery in two weeks. Thank you Dr. Baker!
Excellent! Great doctor. The staff is very nice and friendly! I will recommend this doctor!
Pleasant experience, very knowledgable doctor, no issues!
And the reason why I give them two stars is because there's no way to know how that business business phone can be busy all day
Worst Doctor ever, completely rude and didn't spend any time with me, didn't explained my condition and I ended up going to another doctor. He has like 5 offices and their office is a mess. Takes 3 hours to be seen and simply tasks like returning a phone call can take weeks. Stay away.
Worst visit ever, I did not see Dr. Baker but what I guess is his PA, never introduced himself. I brought my x-ray and he said I had a torn Miniscus in my knee. He also said he was calling in a RX for a medicine that is not stocked in the pharmacy, that I would receive a phone call from drug co. I have waited several weeks, no RX and no phone call. I've called the office 5 times and each time told they are in clinic and will call back. Weeks later NO PHONESCALL. Bad office and bad doctor
Worst doctor ever!! We waited almost 1.5 hours to be seen by this guy. So he sends his PA in. She starts asking the same questions the nurse just asked 5 min. ago. The 2 offices he has in Delray and Boca do not comunicate to each other. The nurse in Delray office asked about my mother's weight and we told her she didnt know and asked to take her weight to which she replied that they don't have a scale. Medical office that does not have a scale? Office staff is pretty rude too. Steer away.
What a truly great experience.
The worst Dr. visit I have had in my 35 years of life! He was impatient, did not spend time to speak with me, I had to tell him to even look at my MRI, then he came back and said it looks great. The MRI came from another prominent DR and was looked at by a specialist that is known around the world, they both said I had disk issues, same with the ER Dr. and I have pain down my arms, numb fingers, etc. Worst DR I have yet to encounter!
I would never recommend this Doctor, I wasted time being treated by this doctor's staff while my condition worsened. The doctor spent less than one minute saying hello during my first visit and was not in the office during my second visit, Had I been seen by a competent immediately, my surgery would have been scheduled a week earlier and less complicated.
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