He performed surgery in my daughter and was great success. I loved that he called is that night personally.
Dr Lam is a brilliant and compassionate eye Dr specialized in neuro-opthamaolgy
Particularly difficult case Dr Harbour was compassionate, showed an immense depth of knowledge and sincere in his patient concern. So very lucky my care was delivered by Dr Harbour and the team at Bascom Palmer.
Dr Gonzalez takes a personal interest in the eye care of each client. Her personal demeanor makes one feel comfortable and well taken care of; often going above and beyond to ensure optimal eye health is met. Very appreciative!
I would give him 0 stars if I could. He has no chair side manner. You can tell he is burnt out and over worked. He belongs in a lab doing research and not interacting with patients. It's time for him to retire. Don't waste your time at Bascom Palmer. Your just a number with an insurance card. My dog gets better treatment at the vet.
I would give him 0 stars if I could. He has no bedside manner. You can tell he is burnt out and over worked. It's time for him to retire. Don't waste your time at Bascom Palmer. Your just a number with an insurance card.
Dr. Kishor has always been patient. He listens to my concerns and addresses each one clearly and concisely. I trust his judgement implicitly.
I have a very complex eyeglass prizm lens prescription and Dr. Farag did the eye exam by herself at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute which turned out to be spot-on. This is a highly skilled optometrist for complex eyeglass prescriptions.
Dr. Davis is an excellent Ophtalmologist. In fact, she is the only specialist in Miami you can see to treat retina birdshot choroiditis, a rare disease that I suffer. The worst is the very long time you have to wait to finally see her, it is ridiculous. I have seen her 2 times with appointment and in both cases I had to wait more than 6 hours. Outrageous! In my opinion, the Admon. Of this Hospital should work trying to improve this serious inconvenient.
His chairside manner was awful. I did not feel confident that I was in good hands. I waited 8 weeks to see him. He is supposed to be one of the best in the country but his attitude got in the way of really caring for me while I was in the room. I am not impressed.
Dr. Davis is the BEST...........One of the mayor reasons I live in South Florida is due to Dr. Davis and the access to her practice. Thanks Dr. Davis.
Two years waiting for diagnostic with other specialist, next Dr.Guy review my all history and toke him 10 minutes to resolve my issue and proceed with a treatment. I am recovering my vision.
Went to 3 ophthalmologist who could not help Me. Dr. Guy took the time to find out the problem, did the exam himself and Corrected my double vision so I could see again.
Dr. O'Brien is the very best eye doctor in the world and the most kindness one, also. He has saved my eye sight and helped me with all the pain I was enduring. I could never praise him enough. ??
Didn't pay attention to complexity of my eye issues.. REplaced an intraocular lens and there were complications that were not adequately explained. Didn't communicate well in answering my questions. Didn't communicate well about my progress (or not!) Never answered messages.
Expert in Macular problems
You will never be able to ask a question later to his staff, they answer their phone/fax NEVER ever. Perez is a smart doctor but worth all the hassle of this office and staff, not really, he does the same treatment as my other eye doctors have done....
He is consistently Knowledgeable Courteous and thoroughly careful Provides Vision saving Experience
excellent communication skills. Tested me thorough and gave me the results in a very professional manner. Very impressed with this Doctor
Dr. Rosenfeld is fantastic. I got a confusing diagnosis from another doctor, but Dr. Rosenfeld gave me a clear diagnosis and plan for the future. His bedside manner is great and he took time to talk with me. His whole team was great. My experience at Bascom Palmer was excellent. Appointments went as scheduled and staff were courteous and professional.
Dr. Perez is friendly and very knowledgeable, however 3 major reasons I will no longer use Dr Perez or Bascom Palmer for my eye care. 1. Unreasonable wait times. On my last 3 appointments wait time was 4-5 hours after acheduled appt time. 2. Unreasonable fees. Billing changed about 1 yr ago. Now charged $1800 ($1200 after ins.) for a 15 min visit in which I changed my own contacts! 3. No ability to speak with anyone w/authority to investigate the billing and make correction.
Installed wrong replacement lens in my eye, contrary to my request. Instead of middle focus, he close focused me. Additionally during surgery, when he attached the femtosecond laser to my eye it caused extreme pain the entire time during its use. I've talked to other eye surgeons who told me it shouldn't hurt. I have read several of his research papers and thought he was the doctor I wanted to do my iol surgery. I guess the saying 'don't believe everything you think' was true for me here.
this man should not be allowed to operate on a dog. he basically ruined my vision
No nonsense, incisive Sorted out a complex situation in a digestible sequence. Was my 3rd opinion, far clearer perspective than others
Dr. Rao is AMAZING! I just had to write a review. She is so intelligent and explains everything in a way I could understand. She put my mind at ease when I was frightened as to what was happening to my eyes. I just cannot say enough about how wonderful Dr. Rao is. Thank you.
He was rude & obnoxious
Curt and obnoxious.

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