Mr chewning should honor his oath to first do no harm. He rolls his eyes, leers and makes unprofessional advances. I need a shrink to deal with how he's treated me. Pushing addictive drugs like candy but break five bones and try and get pin relieve. lol not won't happen. Good ride a. I strongly do not recommend if you value your health
I've been a patient of Dr. Chewing for years. I agree he has probably increased his practice ( a good sign !) and therefore is not able to devote the time with each patient that he used to. I still highly recommend him as he is a skillful and caring doctor.
I made the mistake of changing PCPs when my insurance changed. MISTAKE. Dr. Chewning is one of the better doctors in the area. He listens, he cares and he got the results we needed quickly. Can't say that about other doctors I have used in this area. I won't make that mistake again.
He is overall a very nice man and puts patients at ease. With the onslaught of persons being required to sign up for health insurance he has acquired numerous patients and this seems to be causing a slight change in the amount of time he spends with each patient in general. However, he will sit with you as long as you have questions or concerns to be addressed. He seems to genuinely care about each of his patients and the care that they receive.
Dr Chewning and his staff are welcoming and take the time with each patient to really listen. They go above and beyond to make sure their patients are given the treatment and services they need. They will also assist in gaining quick access to other specialists when referrals are needed. Highly recommend Dr. Chewning and his staff.
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