Probably one of the worst experiences I've ever had. Must be nice to get paid and spend 60 seconds with patients. He literally tells you nothing and explains nothing. God forbid you have questions. And don't get me started on some glorified receptionist who walks around giving medical advice in his office. Don't even know what this guys position is but he felt the need to come into my exam room uninvited. I'll drive out of my way to Orlando before I go 10 minutes down the road to Dr. Kommos.
First visit can not judge yet. i was hoping that i could read more reviews than two. would like to read all 19 reviews. shoulder surgery is not simple and would like to here from some senior citizens. I'm 77 and understand that we do not heal as quick as younger people. if you had a shoulder surgery please post your results. thank you very much JP.
Dr. Guzman has been my go to guy for 31 years and many many surgeries, more than i can count with two hands Awesome Dr. Sad for me to hear of his upcoming retirement but very happy for him. What do i do now. Congratulations Jerry.
Dr.Helmy is the only Doctor I would trust to do my C6 & C7 neck surgery. Bring s good book to the waiting room because he takes his time in listening to your concerns and answering them all. I have recommended Dr.Helmy to many friends & family members. I continue to live a very active lifestyle thanks to Dr. Helmy.
I have had 2 knee surgeries from Dr sedaros on an outpatient basis and ididnt gave to arrange fot a home RN or a PT to come to my house. I felt like a queen. He is very compassionate with his clients and very knowledgeable..I trust him to do the right thing for me as where some drs tell every patient that they need surgery. If your looking for an honest Dr he is one of a very few
He's been my orthopaedic doctor for several years now and I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else. He's simply the best in the county. I have complete trust in him and his excellent nurse Susan. I've also run into other patients of his in stores, etc. and they feel the same way. If I didn't like him, I would have found another doctor. I don't settle. But I love him. He's an excellent doctor!!!
Horrible Horrible Horrible. I was sent to see Dr. Sedaros as a Workers Comp patient. He saw me montly for approximately 8 months, my hand and wrist were injured and all he would do is enter the room, look my visually look at my hand and say see you next month. After waiting, praying and a Attorney my workplace sent me to a Hand Surgeon and Surgery was preformed...Dr. Sedaros if you call call him a Doctor did nothing for me except cause me more pain
Excellent doctor. He is punctual, compassionate, and knowledgable. No complaints. Will recommend to my friends and family.
Dr Guzman did a total knee replacement in June 2015. Surgery went well and I was very pleased with his knowledge and caring...very attentive to his patients! He saw me several times in my 4 day stay in hospital and followed up with in office appointments every two weeks to see how I was recovering. The results 9 months later are fantastic and I am going to have him do surgery on the other knee this summer.
Dr. El Kommos didn't have Cape Canaveral Hospital emergency room's MRI & Xrays for a torn meniscus so I had to pay for 2 more Xrays which he glanced at. He said he doesn't trust MRIs. He rubbed my knee and gave me a cortisone shot without washing hands, wearing gloves or using alcohol swab before injection. I emailed him my concerns. He sent me a letter terminating me as a patient. Returning to MI, I saw my own ortho Dr. and am scheduled for a knee replacement. Dr. EK seemed rushed & not caring
Dr. El Kommos replaced both my hips and has operated on my knee twice. I would not let another doctor treat me, as I feel he is the best. He is very thorough with his decisions and answers any questions you have. I like that he is not quick to do surgery as I have back problems and he explained why he didn't want to operate.
Worked with Dr Guzman over 20 years in OR and post op. Extremely knowledgeable, kind and caring. Excellent surgical technique. Strict adherence to sterile technique as evidenced by sterile draping the surgical patient himself with staff thus super observant preventing harmful bacteria to contaminate the sterile field, wound. Stays in room with patient until patients awakens and in post op thru initial critical waking up phase.
In 1985, Dr. Helmy performed an L5-S1 micro-discectomy on me. His bedside manner was excellent. He took the time to explain, in detail, the possible procedures, their benefits & risks, and their potential outcomes. A few years later he excised a ganglion cyst on my thumb base. If I had any orthopedic issues today I'd seek his council, and I have referred many friends to Space Coast Orthopedic and Dr. Helmy.

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