After only seeing Dr. Figueroa once it has been impossible to get in contact with him through his office staff. He seemed very pleasant but his office staff are down right rude and unethical. The young lady Jasmine who works the front counter has zero customer service and does not place notes in the patients chart as she says she does. The woman who sits to her immediate right (Kailey or Kayla) is also rude and unprofessional. They need better office staffing if they intend to keep patients.
Dr Figueroa diagnosed a serious neurological problem after several doctors could not figure out my problem. His treatment brought immediate results.
I went to Dr Yarlagadda's office in April his assistant said that I had to wait for insurance clearance before I would receive a appointment to get a MRI. I waited 4 week They never called so I called to find out what was taking so long for me to get the MRI..When I finally talked to someone I was told that the order was never put in. I was completely disappointed and honestly a little upset. I went to get the MRI in August but today is September 11th and have not received a apt for the results
Overdosed me with gabapentin and lyrica causing me to spend 3 days in the hospital.
Dr. Yarlagadda read the MRI I had done 3/4/2016. The summary of his readings never mentioned the bone spurs I have that are pressing against my Sciatic nerve. I had the MRI done because of the pain at my right buttock going done my right leg. I went to another neurologist Eric Gabriel, he read the MRI itself (not the written summary) and saw the bone spurs immediately. And, that what was causing the pain.
My first impression with this practice was not good. It sounds like the elevator is crashing through the ceiling of the practice. The front desk lady and the nurse were polite and helpful. Dr Hentschel was rushed and rude. I am a collage graduate and a medical professional myself and I do not appreciate being spoke to like I am stupid. During the exam he pulls out a safety pin to stick me and tells me it is a new one out of the box. My gut feeling is to dump this guy. I did not like him.
Dr. Hentschel was awesome, very attentive and thorough. He worked to rule out all the bad stuff it could be, before just assuming it was basic.

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