I had a severe bout with vertigo which was horrible. I went to several other doctors and still was having vertigo which caused major problems. Dr, Douglas Green was able to help me and his expertise and compassion were so appreciated, If you have vertigo or balance issues he is the doctor you want to see.
I recently saw Dr. Green and was so happy to find a physician/surgeon who took the time to listen to me and explain my ear problem. I had surgery and my result was outstanding. Highly recommend Dr Green for any ear problems. Also his office has amazing audiologists and I was fitted with a hearing aid. It makes a difference to get a hearing aid from a medically supervised practice. The staff at this office truly cares.
Dr. Green has really helped me with my hearing issues. I had sudden hearing loss and then developed ringing in my ears. He is a great doctor and I highly recommend him.
He diagnosed my vertigo and the treatment worked. Guess it's all about crystals in the ears. Anyway, thank heaven for Dr. Green and his staff! I depend on them.
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