Dr Glassman seems to have her own agenda, and while she wants to "empower" people to improve their own health, she does not listen very well to MY concerns. Her whole focus was telling me I am diabetic (I then reminded her the blood work that SHE ordered did not support that. She insisted I have heart disease in spite of a Cardiologist report. She hated that I am overweight and only focused on that. I wanted to talk about other issues
I have little confidence in her ability. Her listening skills are absent. She never once examined me during the 2 visits. She just looked at her computer which she place on the examining table and I sat in the guest chair. It was bizarre. Neither her office nor she called with results on my lab work. I had to call both times. She miscoded my exam as a diagnostic rather than preventive which caused my insurance to charge me. Worst experience and have no confidence in her. Do not recommend her.
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