You do not see Dr. Bond but a nurse. The nurse has not listened to me for several appointments as I've told her my condition was worsening. I am very, very unhappy and am looking for a better office who cares about their patients health. Oh, and the cost stays the same with a nurse evaluation versus seeing a doctor. However, health is the main issue; my health has not been a priority with this office.
Horrible office staff! Rude, condescending and incompetent. Lost medical records and Drs referral several times before realizing they misplaced them. Upon appt arrival patient was told their appt was canceled. Patient hadn't canceled the office cancelled arbitrarily. After waiting for an hour office manager came out and told patient that the Dr was overbooked and behind and was refusing to see the patient. Dr obviously cares little about the care of patients and only about her schedule.
She is caring and spends a lot of time with her patients. She was recommended by my Primary Doctor gave me her name for a second opinion. She actually listened to me as I explained what was going on. After running tests she discovered I have MS.
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Emg (Electromyography)
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