Dr. Schaar is caring and compassionate. He saved my daughter's life through an emergency lung procedure. We could not have asked for better patient care from Dr. Schaar and his team.
Dr. David Hewitt was fantastic during my E.R. visit!I was having abdominal pain & Dr. Hewitt took the time to find out exactly what was causing my pain. He explained things very thoroughly in a way I could understand, he ran tests to confirm my diagnosis, & kept me comfortable during my stay. He also had a sense of humor & a certain kindness about him relaxes you! I'd highly recommend him to anyone in need of emergency care! Great Dr, great person, & great asset to Gulf Coast Hospital! Thank u!!
This doctor almost killed my mother by giving her medication that she was allergic to (the allergy was noted in her chart) and then tried to badger her into signing a DNR, for reasons neither she nor I could ever discern. I wouldn't trust him to tie my shoes, much less treat me in an emergency situation.
He is very compassionate and respectful of his patients. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
My doctor sent me to the ER for extreme abdominal pain. Dr. Lafferty checked for gall stones only and then told me to go home and call my doctor. Even informed me that if I'm not dying, I don't belong in the ER. Seriously a rude and unprofessional man who put my life in danger because he didn't want to bother with me.

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