Very kind and knowledgable. Took extra care with my elderly father.
Not impressed with the concern Dr. Fils had for my small child. The nurse who checked us in was absolutely more concerned than him.
Dr. Baig is very knowledgeable and committed to his profession and patients. He is very attentive and makes you feel at ease whereas my experience with other psychiatrists has been tense for me. He is astute and genuine and knows his patients in ways many psychiatrists do not. He does more than prescribe medications, he helps direct the whole treatment process by sharing his thoughts and ideas about other means to help.
Dr. Castillo's expertise and caring were very much in evidence: he took time to explain issues, answer my questions, and give me as much information as I requested. It is unusual to find a doctor who takes so much care to ensure that one understands the problem and the treatment, knows the prognosis, and is comfortable with procedures.
Fabulous Physician...!!!
My experience with this doctor has been excellent and I would recommend him to anyone. He is warm, friendly, courteous and has a great sense of humor. He takes the needed time with his patients and explains treatment plan/goals in a clear concise. manner.
Dr. Mustafa was refereed by my primary Doctor earlier this year. The first time I went for my appointment I knew he was a great Doctor, he told me to lose weight because the surgery he was going to perform was very intense. I went ahead and listened to his advise. During the process he kept advising me and made sure i was doing good. After the my surgery he came the following day he checked up on me. Other doctors refused but he didn't. I THANK HIM a lot for that and will never forget him.Thanks
Dr. Mustafa is an excellent doctor, I would recommend him to my family, friends and even a stranger. His ability and straight forward helped me to get back on the feet after my accident.
Perhaps the best doctor that I've seen in my 50 years. Although she specializes in Rheumatology, she focuses on my total health: weight, heart, lungs, mood, etc. She reminds me of an osteopath, or holistic practitioner Her gentle and empathetic manner would well suit a Pediatrician; however, this young lady is a very accomplished physician, and will explain things to you in layman's terms and will use all Mayo / Baptist resources at her disposal to provide you with excellent care. Five star
Dr. Mubashir is now practicing at St Mary's Hospital in Lewiston ME. I became her RA patient in the fall of 2015, when my Portland Rheumatologist retired. She is an exceptional physician not only clinically but personally. She is extremely thorough and the organizational structures she has implemented truly have made all the treatment visits far less of an ordeal. I consider myself very fortunate to be in her care.
Excellent! I would highly recommend her to any one suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis.
Dr. Mubashir is very helpful, explained the problems I was having very well. She also explained treatment options in a patient and pleasant way.
Dr. Mubashir explained the treatment she would be using to help control my body pain after speaking with me a few minutes regarding my symptoms. She absolutely got it right, after the first round of trigger point injections I have gone from barely being able to get moving to being able to roll around on the floor with my grandson. I have complete trust in her. I have recommended her to a few people who also deal with pain from fibromyalgia.
After a brief initial exam/tests had a follow up appt mos later where she spent 2 minutes looking at notes and talking mostly to herself. No exam. No eye contact. Totally disinterested. No acknowledgement of new or evolving symptoms. Disappointed as the only one accepting new patients in a group of otherwise prestigious mds. Wrote Rx after flipping through notes before asking if I'd had a heart attack due to side effects. No confidence in her. Seemed bored.
He and his staff are very professional and courteous. Definitely would recommend Dr Roy to others.
Dr. Roy did a complete rotator tear repair on my righ shoulder, I could not be more satisfied, I have almost complete range of motion, still lacking some strength, but my surgery was 3 months ago. I would recommend Dr. Roy 100% of the time, great Doctor, Thanks again Dr. Roy.
Dr. Roy was very explicit from my first appointment. I didn't want surgery and he helped me TRY to avoid it with therapy. When I later came to the realization that it wasn't going to work he was again there to do surgery without any negative judgement. The surgery went well and aftercare has been great. He gave me a complete explanation of all that was done and included photos. I am now in therapy and aftercare visits with him and have no complaints. His staff were also wonderful.
Dr. Roy's the bomb. He fixed a very messed up shoulder for me his demeanor and his professionalism are outstanding as are his skills as a surgeon. I highly recommend him.
Do not waste your time. Go see a qualified orthopedic in Tucson. It's a long drive but they are far superior. Dr Roy can only deal with the most basic of cases.
He was terrific. He told me like it was and what options I had and we met an agreement and went with it.. When everything else failed and a total knee was my only hope, we went to it and the man did an excellent job and I'm way ahead of schedule. To me the man is AWESOME.
Great Doctor..!!
While I am pleased with Dr. Roy himself, support staff, to include his medical technician(s) and administrative staff (Sierra Vista Medical Group) are disappointing at best. Contact with anyone beyond the first line scheduler is nearly impossible. Once contact is established and commitments (call backs) are made, they are not met in a timely manner or at all! Despite Dr. Roy's positives, administrative issues make his practice non-referable. An individual is only as good as their team!!!

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