As a young person with Crohn's disease it can be hard to accept a diagnosis and be compliant with the change in lifestyle and medications. Dr. Farboud is so friendly and understanding. He takes the time to explain my diagnosis and give me recommendations and answer all of my questions. He is easy to get in touch with and really worked with me when I was far for college. He didn't baby me but instead provided me the resources to make informed decisions. He's tough when he needs to be.
Dr. Farboud not only takes a very hands on approach to his care for patients, he genuinely cares. I would recommend him, with no hesitation and his office in Tyson's Corner has an amazing staff that provides 1:1 attention.
The most unprofessional medical facility I have seen in my adult life. Staff does whatever wants to do and don't communicate with each other. I have noticed tension among the staff, which makes me mistrust the outcome of their overall service. Would NOT recommend this place to anyone I know. They need a major reform.

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