I am very pleased with my association with Dr Worthing as his patient. I especially like that he is truly a patient advocate in his work with the drug/insurance companies re: the need to have cost effective treatments made available to patients. He answers all of my questions and provides me with options and I feel he is monitoring me/my conditon appropriately. Calls re: abnormal labs are received in a timely fashion. Waits are at times 30-40 min. but... he takes his time with me, so thats OK.
I've been a patient of Dr. Worthing for around 15 years. He is an excellent doctor, his knowledge of the field is expansive, he seems to be constantly involved in studies and is up to date with most things going on in the field. He's professional, kind and listens to me when I'm talking. I do sense he is a bit rushed, but I've never felt that he was pushing me out the door. His staf, likewise, are efficient and nice. I would recommend him highly.
Dr Diamond has been excellent, her concern for her patients is genuine. She always want to make sure that the medication is keeping you in comfort and shape for your condition. She is truly an amazing sweet person. Thanks Dr Diamond for taking good care of me.
Dr. Worthing was nice at first but ultimately not empathetic. I had severe thumb arthritis and was prescribed PT. Financial difficulties at the time prevented me from doing PT so went to a highly rated hand specialist in the DC area who told me that the deformity in my hands would not respond to PT and the only options were splints or surgery, confirmed by another highly rated DC hand surgeon. I tried to follow up with Dr. Worthing but was told I was dropped from the practice. Don't recommend!
I am a current patient of Dr. Peng and am so grateful for his care; I would recommend him highly to friends and family. He is highly educated, intelligent and experienced, listens well, is thorough in making a diagnosis, and clearly spells out treatment alternatives. We have worked well together, and by following my drug regimen and doing the exercises I was given after completing physical therapy, I am free of pain and my mobility has returned. I'm happy and Dr. Peng is happy for me.
Unresponsive concerning health issues. I called her once in the 2-3 years I had her as a rheumatologists, and she refused to speak to me about a health concern. If that weren't enough, her office is very unorganized.
Dr. Worthing is that rare physician who takes the time to listen to his patients. He is respectful and has a team approach to treatment, always considering my perspective on my condition and potential treatment options. He also keeps up to date on the most current research. It means the world to me to have a doctor that I feel genuinely cares.
I've been a patient of Dr. Worthing's since 2012. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, patient and kind. Perfect for younger persons with rheumatological conditions like myself who still want to live quality, active lives DESPITE the conditions that we face. He is a great advocate who stays current with new treatments and/or medications that may become available and, is still willing learn with you about how to better live with your condition(s). Excellent Rheumatologist.
I love Dr. Worthing, but his staff is not helpful or professional at all. I have several medical issues which have put me in the hospital a lot, so my veins are not great...a lot of scar tissue...his staff was so afraid to draw blood, they asked my husband (an IV Specialist) to draw it. Then, when I was referred to have medication infused, they either never had it in stock, or tried to schedule me to come in 2-3 months away when I needed the medication immediately. Love him...them...not so much.
I have fibromyalgia and spinal conditions. Dr. Baraf has been very sympathetic and has provided appropriate treatment, relieving my pain.
Very happy that Dr. Borenstein was recommended to me when diagnosed with RA. From a patients perspective, his knowledge of the medical aspects of RA are without parallel. He listens to the patients concerns and makes sure each one is addressed.
Saw Dr. Borenstein about osteoporosis/back pain. First visit was fine:he explained my issues, proposed tests to determine next steps. Follow-up was dreadful: he tossed the test results to me, I had to insist that he explain reference ranges for the numbers and what the results meant, he put his head into his laptop on which he was busy typing (not clear it was even about me) and then he wrote a prescription saying I could or could not use it. If you need advice on osteoporosis, find someone else
Dr Diamond is very thorough and insightful. Her clinical decision-making is based on the whole person including psychological, social and physical functioning. She's the 3rd rheumatologist I've been to and the best.
Dr Worthing was initially recommended to me from a coworker who suggested I make a visit after my doctor had run a battery of other tests and come up with nothing. Long wait! He was very thorough and professional. Full blood tests diagnostic and discovered RA triggered by a severe case of rhuematic Fever (Strep Virus) months earlier. He was patient and amazing as I am quite picky and ask a million questions about every test and symptom and drug . I would (and have) absolutely recommend him.
Dr. Shari Diamond saved my life.

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