PROS: Easy to talk to, very understanding, always felt safe, has a good amount of experience. Has given very good suggestions, and when he is on is definitely worth it. Willing to be flexible with schedule as far as certain times of day. CONS: Not the cheapest, won't accept insurance, often condenses appointment times (starts late, ends early). At times he is not fully present. Can be difficult to reschedule, especially when something comes up.
I am extremely grateful to have met Dr. Greenfield. He turned my life around when I was in a very dark place and did so in a timely manner. He has a great ability to read and understand situations and when to press issues versus dropping them to bring up at a later time. He also does a great job of reading people.
Dr. Greenfield is very insightful and has helped me tremendously....
He is Highly recommended and qualified to handle modern addiction problems.
The best of the best. And I tried all the rest.
Dr. Green field is a compassionate and wise. He has been a huge help to our family.
Very very good psychiatrist. Very engaging and tells it to you straight, doesn't dodge or sugar coat anything. For myself, I am glad he didn't sugar coat anything.
David is both brilliant and sensitive. He has helped me to prepare for my journey, giving guidance on things to look for and be sensitive to along the way.
2 yrs I arrived in Dr. Greenfield's office after my spouse filed for divorce and my life was in an out of control death spiral due to my personal struggles. Dr. Greenfield has saved my life. I cannot thank him enough for his help putting my life back on track. I am happier and more content with my life than ever before.
Treatment specialties in: Addiction medicine and sexual medicine/sex therapy, Compulsive online sexual and video gaming behavior, EMDR treatment, and Imago marital/relationship psychotherapy, general psychiatric issues, and psychopharmacology education/consulation
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