I've had osteopathic manipulative treatments for years with many different providers in the area. He is the best osteopath I have found! He spends about 45 minutes to an hour with you at each visit. He is highly skilled and has a whole body approach. He is great at relieving sinus pressure, headaches, back pain, neck pain, and stress. I always leave his office feeling great! I highly recommend him.
I am a father of 4 and work 2 jobs as an Occupational Therapist with the typical stress in my busy life that I am sure everyone can relate to. When I walked into the Holistic practice of Dr. David's Osteopathic Wellness Center, my heart rate and breathing slowed down with the peaceful atmosphere his office creates. I was seen for a few treatments that helped me to feel centered, grounded, and at peace to face the busy and hectic world around us. I highly recommend his hands on treatment approach
I didn't know what to expect the 1st time I went but after the first time I look forward to going every time he a fantastic Doctor and has magic in his hands
Our daughter was treated after she was 14 hours old, on our way home from the birth center! Dr. Johnston has treated her on and off for general well-being as well as for occasional growing pains (she is now 12). I know that her general health and immune systems have been strengthened because of his work with her. We are grateful for his knowledge and generosity of spirit, and for his wonderful treatments.
13 years ago I was in a tremendous amount of back pain while pregnant. Nothing was able to alleviate that pain. It was recommended that I see Dr. Johnston. I had no idea what osteopathy was nor how my life would transform. He is a gifted doctor who has successfully treated my entire family through the years. I highly recommend Dr. Dave!
We sought Dr Johnston's help after my son suffered a serious concussion at the age of 10. He was instrumental in quelling his daily headaches that were keeping him awake at night and preventing him from healing. He also treats me for chronic neck, back & leg pain stemming from surgery, and treats my daughter and husband for stress, and general wellbeing. Dr J has a gifted touch of a talented osteopath, a skill that cannot be duplicated by other kinds of practitioners. We all highly recommend him
My headaches are gone! Dr. Johnston's gentle touch and skills of cranial osteopathy helped me when so many other practitioners could not.
Dr. J was part of my team of caregivers following a serious car accident. He has a very special gift...healing hands and a kind, compassionate manner. Do not hesitate to allow him to care for you.
Dr. Johnston has helped me tremendously and with headaches and migraines. I highly recommend his services. He is a rare combination of doctor with extensive medical knowledge and a caring practioner.
Our mission at Osteopathic Wellness Center is to ignite the internal healing process so patients can recover from injury quickly and naturally, through gentle and precise hands-on manipulation.
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