I will not recommend him to any one! he'll puts on a show till he get you to do the surgery,then you loose your trust once you'll be shocked by the result .
Dr. Kveton provided me with peace of mind following his extremely thorough assessment and treatment of my sudden hearing loss. He takes the time to carefully explain his diagnosis and answer any and all questions. I found his honesty, forthrightness and compassion a breath of fresh air and something that is often missing in today's medical profession. Thank you, Dr. Kveton.
Very nice and thorough doctor. Explained to me what he was about to do before he started. Answered questions I had with professionalism. Neat appearance, overall I give him the thumbs up.??
She not only listens ... she hears! She never hesitates to admit she needs to check something or to refer you if need be. She's also thorough and to the point, and all other good things that a great doctor should be!
My local ENT, after trying to fix my ear problem for many months, finally called Dr. Kveton because he is their go to doctor when they have problems that they just can't seem to cure. Dr. Kveton is the most compassionate doctor I have ever dealt with. He cares about his patients and he shows it in so many ways. He is a wonderful man and a talented doctor.
Dr. Kveton has performed inner ear surgery on my right ear, (ear issues chronic since birth) and has been my all things right ear focused Doctor for many years. His skills, knowledge, warmth, humor, and patience put him at the top of ANY list of doctors I have experienced over my nearly 70 years on this planet. John Kveton has no peer.

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