Unfortunately she's incredibly incompetent. seems to have a rudimentary education and knowledge about the world. I think she should she seek a new profession. As she breaks confidentiality non-stop. She kept telling me all about other patients stories. That's none of my business and not why I decided to come to therapy. She should be Fired. She is way too simple and absent minded for vulnerable people to feel safe in confiding in her. Get a new job Angela before you hurt someone.
She's very professional and cares about curing u
Seriously one of the worst doctors I've ever met. I also haven't spoken to a single patient that's ever had anything good to say about her. Never once has speaking with her made me feel better, in fact, she's only ever probably made herself feel better- at my expense.
Dr.Savage lacks in human compassion for others,poor communication skills,lacks common sense, judgmental,will put your mental health at risk ! Doesn't get along with other doctors, makes and breaks state and federal guidelines ! Uses out dated medicines from the early 1970's ! Be prepared for a very bad experience, stay clear of Dr.Savage ! I wouldn't recommend her at all ! Its Doctors Savage's way or its the Highway.All around rating is under one star !Please read real & true information caution
They do not take the addiction needs of their patients into consideration-pretty poor medical treatment from a doctor who claims to be an addiction specialist. I only gave one star because I couldn't figure out to give zero stars. This is only the beginning of my smear campaign. I promise to get the truth out there about this doctor.

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