Excellent experience. I would definitely recommend Dr Blume. His staff is also very helpful and professional. Also worth mentioning Shoreline Surgical where Dr Blume performs his surgeries. From the moment I walked in I was treated with a friendly older gentleman at the desk. He kindly told me where to go and wished me good luck. Experience with nurses was great and the place is immaculate. Dr Blume is definitely worth seeing.
Dr Blume is an exceptional doctor. He is knowledgeable, to the point, readily available at his office & after surgery. Love this doctor. I had surgery that involved a nerve. He knew exactly what my diagnosis was, he explained it to me in terms I could understand, he explained the surgery & my options. In fact, he had done this same surgery a couple weeks before so was very familiar with it. This after many years of mis diagnosis and being told I would have nerve damage.
Pretty amazing Dr. I had some severe foot problems and this guy knows his stuff. I'm walking with zero problems now. The only problems I ever had is that the office is tiny and sometimes the wait can be 1-2 hours even with an appointment. I never let that bother me because the quality of the car I got was good it you should know that in advance
I do not have the words to describe my gratitude to DR Blume and his staff for saving my leg and most likely saving my life .We found the vascular group at Yale after we were told by our surgeon in Norwalk that they had done all that could be done for me and the next step would be amputation of my right leg .DR Orion did the vascular surgery needed to restore circulation to my leg and Dr Blume amputated my big toe. After months of excellent follow up care from DR Blume I am walking again
I was referred to Dr. Blume by a trusted colleague of his. I was excited to have the pleasure of being treated by one of the best in Ct. I went to my first appt,waited 45 min to be seen by Dr. Blume for 5 minutes. He scheduled an MRI and a follow up appt. My 2nd appt,after an hour of waiting without knowing when I'd be seen, I left. I was given an excuse as to why there was such a long wait. I don't care how good a Dr is, no one deserves to wait that long to be seen. Poor office management!!
Dr. Blume was very informative and had a great bedside manner. Everyone from the office staff to the surgical center staff were wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor.
Excellent in diagnosing problems. Caring and compassionate manner.
I honestly cannot imagine a 3.5 overall rating for Dr. Blume. He deserves more than the 5 stars of excellence. He operated on my husband and made it comfortable and easy. During all the visits prior to and following the surgery....he was kind, considerate and gentle. East to speak with and a 'regular' guy....although everyone knows he's gifted and certainly not a 'regular' guy. I would always recommend him to anyone who has need of his expertise.
He is outstanding, caring, tireless, skilled. I recommend him often.
I have used Dr Blume for all my foot problems and he has taken great care of them all. From Plantar fasciitis, to reconstruction of me big toe after degeneration. I was still able to run and play softball in my 50's with zero pain or restrictions. I trust no one else with my feet.

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