Super patient and caring.
Dr. Jacoby has been my dermatologist for 20+ years. I have seen her for several skin problems. She is excellent at determining malignant vs benign growths. 15 years ago, Dr. Jacoby identified and removed a precancerous lesion from my face. I have no scar on my face and the growth never returned. I believe Dr. Jacoby saved my life by early identification and removal of what could have been life-threatening cancer.
I have seen Dr. Jacoby 3 times. All in all she has spent a total of 2 minutes in my presence and in that time managed to insult me by telling me I looked tired and recommending a battery of botox and fillers. I was there for a mole check. She does not even give you the opportunity to ask questions she is in such a rush. At one visit I had a wart removed. She was so rushed in removing it that she sprayed stuff on it and missed half of it because she was walking out the door when she did it.
Always excellent...Very thorough and although you think how can she know by glancing so quickly...she can scan your body in minutes and is am expert at spotting g anything amiss. I've been going to her for some years now and highly recommend her and her efficient staff
His diagnoses have always been accurate and his treatments appropriate. He isn't quick to do procedures but certainly does when called for. Those looking for a state-of-the-art office and/or doctor with a gregarious personality might want to look elsewhere, but for anyone seeking excellent, thoughtful dermatological care, Dr. Bilinski is number one for my family.
Visits average 4 minutes. The last time I was there, I went in with something on my cheek. She said, Oh, I can take that off right now and hustled out of the room. She hustled back in, put a hand in front of her face, held a can of something up to my face and sprayed. She did not tell me to close my eyes, did not tell me what she was doing, did not tell me what to expect, and did not tell me of possible side effects. She appeared annoyed by my questions afterwards. I will not return.
I have been a patient of Dr Jacoby for many years. During that time She has treated many issues. She has always been thorough, efficient, knowledgeable and professional. In today's world it doesn't get any better than that.
no problems had to wait a little I think its from over booking
He is the best! He can figure out obscure reasons you may be having a problem. He is always right on. He is very efficient. He rarely makes you wait because he is so aware his patients time. He does not have a fancy operation but if you want someone solid and experienced he's your doc.
So I was pretty skeptical making an appointment with Dr. Jacoby after reading some of her negative reviews, but let's face it, finding a dermatologist who is taking new patients and can see you within two weeks is very unlikely. So I thought I would give her a shot. I was pleasantly surprised that I had a great office visit with her. I brought my daughter in for acne and she also took the time to do a body check based on family history of skin cancer. She was knowledgeable and pleasant.
She did not remember my medical history, and had clearly not read the files before rushing into the consultation. I had to tell her about the procedure she had done on me 6 months earlier. Not good.
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