Deep concern - Dr. Klugman discharged my 21 year old daughter from treatment because she failed to reschedule 1 appt within the 30 day period for which she had been prescribed meds. At 21, she is struggling having to take medication and the impact of that on her life, both emotionally/physically. As an educated/knowledgeable consumer of mental health services, I have never seen this type of quick and misinformed action and worry how this will impact my daughter's trust in this system
Too quick to misdiagnose as bipolar and drug the life out of you.
Very sweet but wasn't taking new patients, saw me in an emergency and was very sympathetic to my needs, I would love to go to him but he had to send me back to another doc in the practice I was seeing regularly.
Affect is off. Strange. Weird. Aggressive. On vacation too much and not available.
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