I have had Asthma my entire life. After moving to CT, I was looking for a local Pulmonologist. After seeing several doctors the answer was always the same, you have asthma and try ANOTHER inhaler! A friend said see Dr. Spivak. The difference is, Dr. Spivak has me engaged in my disease. He recommended that I try a device called Acapella. It actually loosens the plugs in my airways. NO DR had ever recommended this treatment. Bottom line; I'm more active now than I have been in YEARS
We were informed by Dr Spivak and his team that my aunt has ischemic colitis (dead bowel) and needed surgery emergently while a patient in Griffin Hospital ICU. It was decided by family to transfer her to another area hospital for this higher level of care. It was determined within 2 hours after admit to second hospital that this was misdiagnosed. She had a liver abscess requiring drain placement. Her outcome would of most likely been grave had we trusted his clinical decision and had surgery.
Dr Chiasson is very knowledgable, skillful and compassionate. She goes above and beyond to care for her patients. She is mine and my dad's Pulmonologist. I have referred her to anyone needing this specialty.
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