Told me 97% pain free after surgery. Lied made it much worse instead
I had pain in my foot doing simple tasks like pushing the gas pedal of a car. Dr. Arcand diagnosed me with capsulitis and performed surgery to fix it. Two month post surgery and I am pain free. Definitely recommend.
Dr. Anbari is a great Doctor ! I have recommended others to go and see Dr. Anbari. He fixed my slap tear of the labrium after four other Dr.'s said that it was there was they could do. After the surgery my shoulder is fantastic. I would still be in pain if I had not gone to Dr. Anbari .
As others stated, long wait and then waste of time not listening to the patient and prescribing whatever he wants. Went back and forth doing this a few times before moving on to doctor who listens. He ended with there's nothing that can be done and only prescribed drugs...funny how my current doctor found solutions with two appointments. This guy is a hack job and a waste of time effort and money
Excellent job doing the surgery on my elbow 6 weeks post op and no pain
Dr. Arcand rushs patients, doesn't perform appropriate manipulation to determine extent of injuries and is overall a poor caregiver. Less than 5 minutes exam with a still painful month old injury, Xrays and MRI ordered and that was it...
I thought orthropedic partners takes pride in the commitment to patient care and that patients had the right to considerate and courteous care, don't expect that from this doctor. She has a terrible bedside manner, she is extremely rude and dismissive. I saw her for less than five minutes, and she barely said a word. Just nodded "uh huh" while i tried to explain my symptoms. When i asked for something to take for the pain while i wait for my MRI, and she literally yelled at me. She's miserable.
Dr. Arcand is very kind and thorough. I have recommended her to my friends and family and would not go to anyone else for my feet and ankles.
Waited 2 hours. Saw him for 5 minutes. He was more concerned with my employer than my health. It's a workers comp issue. My B/P was 170/100. He did not care that I was clearly in pain. He only seemed to want to order meds that his office could dispense so he could make more money. He did order 3 meds but didn't write the order correctly so I had to wait longer for him correct it. Pushes steroids which are contraindicated for my history. VERY BAD DR. I would NEVER see him again.
Long wait to see doctor who then spends a couple of minutes not listening to the patient's issues, not explaining the causes of problem, and ordering the wrong procedures.
Dr. Glenney is not a doctor I would ever recommend. I had severe pain in my knee from an injury for almost 2 months when I visited him. He had said that my meniscus was most definitely torn; that he could feel the torn piece. There is a pop whenever I move my knee that he said was my meniscus torn. I get an MRI, he says it's nothing, and then proceeds to say hehasno answers for the pop/click in my knee and extreme swelling. I'm now going to another doctor...
Dr Anbari and Dr Farrington are two of the most genuine caring doctors I have ever worked with. They listen, and explain things well. I really feel like they genuinely want the best for me every time I have an encounter with them. Lucky to have stumbled into their care.
Great bedside manner. Very concerned for patient comfort. Really nice doctor!
After a fall/possible wrist fracture saw another local "hand specialist" who wanted to cast me after doing one x-ray that was inconclusive. Dr. K took 7 xrays, did careful exam, was kind, gentle,professional, thorough. Said there was no fracture on x ray. Offered to do MRI ( other doc didn't). Said I take off the splint now. Hand felt better 24 hours after being out of the splint. He did carpel tunnel/cubital tunnel surgery on my husband a year ago with great result. Recommend him highly!
Wait time for the last 3 visits has been over one hour. Time with Doctor has been about 3 minutes.
My Veterinarian is more considerate. This physician is in my estimation a horror show. She spent about 3 minutes with me (not an exaggeration) said i needed a referral. Explained nothing and walked out of the room. We thought she was going to return, but shortly after her Nurse came in and walked us out for a Hospital appointment. We were referred to a physician without knowing his name, and when we called to find out they stone walled us.
Excellent doctor!
Wonderful man who took time and showed me results from tests in an understandable manner felt very comfortable in his care. Have no reservations about ever going to him
Dr. K has now performed 2 surgeries on me. 1 on my left hand for carpal tunnel and the other on my left for torn cartilage. Both times he explained everything and got me back to work! I've recommended him numerous times and I wouldn't go to any other hand surgeon.
So I had my first ACL surgery done by Dr.Glenny, but after almost 8 months post Op my knee was not doing any better. I wanted a second opinion so I saw Dr. Anbari, let me just say he is one of the kindest most caring orthopedics Ive ever met. I had an MRI done and Dr. Anbari determined I needed a new ACL again. Anbari walked me through everything he was going to do down to the last detail. I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone with Knee problems. Just an Amazing person all around!
I had consultations with neurosurgeons and other well known spine specialist before choosing Dr. Halprin. He explained that my cervical spine was better served by repairing each disc individually ( open door laminoplasty ) rather than a rod and fusing. Dr. Halprin was correct, my freedom and movement is incredible. No other doctor even mentioned this option to me. I believe this procedure is more extensive and less profitable for doctors but more beneficial for patients.
Dr Halperin makes his mistakes but never acknowledges his fault. I am tired of his denial, the only thing i will do now is file a complaint with the board. If after surgery you are worse , new symptoms developed and this Dr will never admit that his work may have caused the new issues. He will tell you that a new surgery is needed but blame it on pre-existing.He will cut you and refused to provide medications within 4 weeks. if i have to have a second surgery then he is to blame. Hurt my family
Dr. Kardestuncer took the time to explain the problem that I was having with my hand and gave me options to choose from. He put me at ease. The surgery was done with just a small scar. After surgery he checked the incision and it had healed nicely.If I had any problems, I just needed to call. I would recommend him to anyone.
Dr.K is an excellent Dr. I had to have a couple surgeries and he did an amazing job. If i ever have to have hand or arm surgery again i will ask for Dr. K. He has a very good bed side manor. He isnt pushy and he listens to his patients and their concerns. I can't say it enough on how good of a Dr he is. Thank you Dr. K for all that you did for me
very friendly, knowledgeable & expert hand surgeon; my wrist procedure was performed smoothly with any complications; highly recommend!
Dr Abella gave me 2 epidural injections and I'm 100% better now! He was so good at it that I didn't feel the injections much. He explained everything to me in detail and clearly knows what he's talking about. I trust him completely and would go back to him for any spine problem.
Dr Halperin treated me for a herniated disc. He took his time and explained everything to me in detail. I'm 100% better now and I would recommend him to anybody looking for a high quality, detailed oriented spine surgeon. He's the best!
Went to Dr. Arcand at Norwich Orthopedic Group. She gave me the Burg boot that didn't really help. Then, she gave me a brace that doesn't work. Went back last week she gave me an appointment for an MRI. Went back today and she said nothing was wrong. But I got a printed copy of the MRI on my way out of my appointment. she didn't even tell me all the information that was sent. I have Deformities, Horribly aggressive arthritis And other stuff that she didn't even Say I DO NOT RECOMMEND
Dr. Arcand has changed my life. I was unable to walk without severe pain for several years until I went to her for treatment. I can now walk virtually pain free and the smile on my face never leaves. Not only did she help me physically but, I feel so much better about myself. Dr. Arcand and her wonderful staff have truly changed my life. The stall that supports her is incredible and they have become part of my extended family.
I went after hearing outstanding reviews. I needed PIP replacement. To make this brief he put a joint to small for the finger in. When I saw him after the surgery (8-10wk) and doing the suggested treatment (weekly therapy) I asked him why the tip (tendon to long now) hung and I couldn't bend the finger. His comment was gee that has never happened before. He didn't follow up and he left the room, My follow up was to be in 2 months with his Assistant. I didn't return; have new Dr!
I waited 1 hour and 45 minutes to be put in a room. I had x-rays taken, best experience of entire visit. Waited another i/2 hour for the Doctor to come into room. I timed the visit , 2 minutes I rounded up. Doctor told me that I could only be seen for one condition per visit. Started talking about a surgery, I did not know the diagnosis I tried to ask questions but my time had expired, I was still talking as he left the room. Doctor had NO people skills!!!
Lissened and answers Questions.Told me what to expect.Wish other Dr were as Good as him.
Very good doctor that doesn't beat around the bush. I had a discectomy done on a herniated disc (L5-S1) that needed surgery and went to Dr. Paonessa for a second opinion. From the start I knew he was the doctor I trusted most with the surgery based off what I had heard from others and reviews. I had the surgery done in May 2015 and it is now March 2016 I feel like a new person. This is the man you want to see!
Didn't take the time to actually consider my unique symptoms. Had me do some simple stretches, couldn't find a trigger, then makes a judgement call based on a year-old MRI that doesn't necessarily correlate with symptoms. Tells me not to do anything to aggravate symptoms, even though anything that isn't lying down aggravates it. Didn't offer any substantial advice on how I might remedy symptoms. Very cyncical, even though people much worse off than me have recovered from similar injuries.
This guy may be a good surgeon but he has one of the worse bedside manners of any Dr. I have met. He is an obnoxious, self-centered snob (I would write worse but I don?t think it would get published).
good doctor.
His bedside manner is extraordinary. He spends time with you and answers your questions. He is very down to earth. I am so happy I went to him.
Dr. Glenney has a very blah bed side manner, after meeting with him, decided to go else where. They billed my insurance co. over 2k for global billing for a surgical patient. The truth is I never had surgery and called their rude staff who disconnected me and refused to return calls, or adjust the bill. The herd people in and out like cattle... just money no interest in me personally.
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