I have been a patient of Dr. Nawaz for a few years now. I feel that he is a excellent doctor and he has helped me through some hard times. He is also very easy to talk to. He kn ows a lot about medicine and also vitamins as well. I told him my hair had stopped growing and he recommended I take biotin which really did help a lot. I would recommend him to anyone. I am glad he is my doctor
Doctor Nawaz helped me tremendously over the passed year and a half. I was on the verge of severe breakdown when him and his staff helped me get on the right track. I highly recommend his care. He got me on the right medications and set me up with a therapist. Both have helped me manage my bipolar and my anxiety. If you're looking for help he is the right person to turn to.
I have been with Dr Nawaz for over 12 years & continue to be happy with him as my doctor. I trust him, and I have only good things to say about the care I have received over the years as his patient. I highly recommed him!!
This is nothing more than criminal the practice he is running, think about what doctor who makes $200.00 for a 5 minute visit demands the co pay be in cash they say they accept checks but I went 3 times with one and was told only cash. Is he so broke he cannot pay the 2.52% charge to use a credit card I do not think so. Basically they do not want you to be able to provide a paper trail I was told to provide the paper receipts for my co pays?..really?..who keeps those for a year???.

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