Dr Thimineur himself is fantastic!! He literally saved my sanity and my life by finally diagnosing me correctly after I had a "procedure happy" dr who only wanted to do unnecessary, expensive interventions that 1) weren't needed 2) made me even worse than before!! It's unfortunate that Dr Thimineur's office has had a ridiculous staff turn over rate lately- AND NOR FOR THE BETER!! He will obviously be blamed when the APRN's have had their schooling (and should know what they're doing!)
That are not responsive to issues you have with your pain. The keep changing their dr and aprns. they assign you to aprons who are not on your hmo and when you try to get you medication the pharmacist will not fill it. This happened several time and the last time was on thanksgiving eve leaving me without enough meds all weekend because they were not open until Monday. When I called their answering service they wouldn't take a call regarding pain meds. If I were you I'd avoid them like the pleq
Find another pain specialist. The last time I saw him he poked around my back in a half-dozen places before he found a spot he could get the needle in. He couldn't get past a bone spur but kept poking anyway. When I asked questions about the procedure, he was not particularly open with a response. The office staff needs to communicate better; scheduling was a pain in the neck and I was given erroneous information by two different clerks. Looking for a new doctor.
I have many different types of arthritis from my neck right down to my toes. Besides that herniated discs , nerve damage , neuropathy, RA I need both knees replaced, sciatica and many more aches and pains. Dr. Thimineur and his staff have been helping me deal with all of my chronic pain for about 5 Years. I had searched for someone to help me for several years prior to finding Dr. Thimineur. I usually get all of my health needs takencare of at the VA, but they wouldn'the help me at all.
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