Dr Rios wanted nothing more than to get me in and out of his office. He barely examined me and didn't take the time to review my history prior to meeting with me. He didn't want to hear my questions and gave me short abrupt answers. He didn't make me feel like he was concerned that I was in alot of pain and rushed to bring me to the front of the office to get me checked out. The office is designed to get patients in and out. They have this stupid magnet that says 'Next' that they place on
Thoughtful doc who listened to my concerns, answered my questions, and really helped me understand the long-term issues that various treatment options presented.
awful experience - went for a second opinion: at first the PA and Dr. Rios made me feel they were going to do a much more effective job. only to find out there procedure is extremely invasive. rude office staff as well. untrustworthy is an understatement
I would very much recommend Dr Rios. He has done 2 surgeries on me and has done a great job. Plus he is very easy to talk to. And he cares about his patients.
He does not follow up on your physical therapy
I fell and hurt my wrist at work and ER thought I had a scaphoid fracture. She is Dr. Caputo's PA. She confirmed the fracture and I was cast fro 9 weeks. Dr. Caputo confirmed her diagnosis. I called complaining of pain. She told me to get some aspercreme and rub it in and wrap it in saran wrap. Both she and Caputo ignored my complaints. I was unable to work. Comp stopped paying me 6 months ago. Three orthopedists all said I never had a scaphoid fracture! I had torn ligaments and cartilage.
I am candidate for knee replacement. Mike has given me 3 separate cortisone shots. He is so good at what he does, that it is a painless procedure. He listens to me intently and gives me his best judgment as to how to deal with my pain level. I just love this guy. I wish I all my dics were like him.
Mike is amazing and the staff was great. I was taken care of very well. He has amazing bed side manner and is very easy to speak with about my concern and problems.
I think dr Michael zande is a very good doctor. He is always kind to his patient's and always pays attention to there problems . I am very happy he is my doctor.
Dr. Sullivan's staff mistakenly sceduled me for an appointment at the Hartford office on a day when he was at the Farmington office. I was in a great deal of foot pain and offered to go directly to Farmington to see the doctor. I was told that Dr Sulliivan allows 15 minutes for patients to arrive and since the trip took more time than that, he would not see me. I was surprised by his lack of compassion and his inflexibility. Kathleen Kiernan
I really like this doctor! I broke my collarbone in 3 places and tore a ligament. ..preliminary xrays pointed,to the necessity of surgery..But when Dr. Rios examined the new xrays more carefully he determined that surgery was not necessary! ..He said that a plate and screws in that area would be very uncomfortable. ...Another surgeon might have rushed to conclusions and put me into surgery. .Thank God he didnt! Thanks Dr Rios!!
Dr Sullivan, his P.A. Diane Barnes, & all his staff were very curtious, informative, accomodating, understanding and a great medical group to work with. I felt well taken care before, during, and after my surgery. I would recommend his medical group to anyone.
All I can say is that Dr Rios is the best. He operated on my shoulder , he did a great job my arm is good as new. It was less painful then I thought it would be. If you looking for the best then Dr Rios is the Best in Connecticut, and the office staff are wonderful and caring as well.
I really liked him. Instead of prescribing pills or surgery, hr suggested yoga. I respect his all natural approach.
Dr. Memmo, despite collecting thousands in fees for my father's two procedures, went unseen until the last visit where he made my 80 year old dad (in pain, fragile, having trouble walking) come in for a last visit and declared, with cashmere socks on, I believe, that there was nothing he could do for him. Not even a handicapped parking pass for the kind of person whom the laws were passed
VERY unsatisfied. I heard rave reviews and was excited to meet a great doctor. Unfortunately, he was not as interested. I told him that at age 28 I had been having bad knee pain every day for 10 years. He told me the surgery I had 5 years ago was useless, & he gave me a knee brace for ONE knee (no instructions). I continued to ask questions about next steps, shoes that would help, exercises to do, and Dr. Lena walked out of the exam before I could even finish my sentence...
fabulous experience from front office through surgery center and therapy.
I had spinal fusion 12/5/16. iHe might have done a good job on the surgery but the aftercare was horrible! After one month of had an appointment with him. I felt pretty good and he told me I didn't need PT and I could do what I wanted at home for exercise. I didn't have to wear my brace if I felt good. After one month of exercise I was in so much pain I had to go to the hospital! I'm on pain meds. I'm depressed. I'm not able to dress myself. At PT they said I should not have done any of that.
Awesome overall experience from office visit through surgery and rehab
I recently fell down a flight a stairs. After a week, my ankle was still very swollen and bruised, and I had trouble walking and keeping up with my daily activities. The first thing out of his mouth when he walked into the room was "So, how often do you fall down stairs?" He proceeded to let me know that despite how swollen my ankle was, I obviously was lying about pain. Clearly this man sees it's a liability case and wants nothing to do with it. He spent no more than 3 minutes with me.
Staff very unfriendly rude none caring about individual needs.doctor is cold comes off very unfriendly if you need a doctor with human compassion good overall explanation of the surgery or your condition this guy is not . Wait time is 45 to 60 on every appointment over booked so if you want a doctor to talk down to you and don't take anything you say in cosdiration this is a place for you
Huge bills minimal relief cold receptionist not a overall good experience
I found Jason Dacruz to be very helpful and curteous. He took an appropriate amount of time to speak to me in regards to my concerns and to evaluate my condition.
Went for a known back/neck issue. Explained to doctor that PT has done nothing in the past nor do I have the time with my work schedule. Dr. Insisted on trying PT again. 3x per week. Hello, I specifically said I work until at least 7-8 PM, 3-4 nights per week and that I wasn't able to fit that into my schedule. I wasted a morning on a doctor who didn't want to listen to anything I had to say about my health or my needs.
I had thumb reconstruction surgery due to severe osteoarthritis pain...I now have full function of my thumb with NO pain. I'm scheduling an appt with him to get my other thumb done now about 5 years later...totally satisfied patient
I picked this provider because he really helped my husband when he had a back problem. I am a very healthy female and only went to Dr. Memmo since I was hoping he could give me an injection to get me back to my normal active lifestyle. Besides having my yearly physicals, I have only seen 1 provider for a total of two visits in the last 5 years. This injury was not a work comp, auto injury or liability, I am not a drug seeker. The provider did not seem to care about my condition.
I was misdiagnosed by Dr Benthiens PA. I was sent for a guided cortisone shot and physical therapy. depleted my FSA in copays and never got rid of the pain. nothing more than an x ray was done. Come to find out I had torn and literally destroyed tendons and not even the tendon treated. I found a doctor who actually requested am MRI and had emergency surgery last week. Considering a malpractice suit. T
Spends the time that is needed with her patients, never feel rushed. Takes the time to answer all your questions. Optimistic personality.....nice to have if you're going through a rough patch!
Dr. Memmo was recommended by Dr. Wayne Burton. He was a very kind, and pleasant gentleman. If I needed to go back to him for any reason, I would not hesitate. I am pleased that he is member of the "team" of Orthopedic Associates of Hartford. I have only HAD positive experiences with this group!
it feels so good to be pain free. I did not know how much energy it took to have so much pain. I now have tons of energy and look forward to doing things. It was so hard to be walking with this much pain. He was kind and he listened to what I had to say. He showed me with the xrays and MRI the areas that were causing my pain. He also had a spine to show how he would treat me and the areas involved. Very helpful. I wish I had not waited so long to go and see him.
I totally agree with the other reviews. Dr. Benthein is as arrogant as they come. He has ZERO people skills. Where does he get off telling people they aren't in pain. I hope someone sues him and he goes out of business. He never even looked at all the records I sent over. No one should have to put up with this horrible Doctor. His office manager Dawn is just as bad. Marci the PA IS WONDERFUL.
Seen two times. Shoulder is not better. Dr. Lena does not seem concerned.
I found Dr. Krompinger and his entire staff to be extremely professional, caring and competent. My appointment was right on time and Dr. Krompinger spent a great deal of time with me going over my condition. No, the office reception area in Hartford Hospital is not the most pleasant, and that's irrelevant to the medical care, and the staff is extremely busy.
I fell at work December 2014. I went to the ER and was diagnosed possible scaphoid fracture. This was workers' comp and I had to stay within network and I was told my orthopedist wasn't in the network. I made an appointment to see Dr. Caputo. I saw his PA instead. She took xrays, confirmed the fracture. Caputo said he agreed with her. I complained of pain and they both thought I was trying to fake this. 18 months later. I NEVER HAD A SCAPHOID FRACTURE. I was misdiagnosed. Lost my job.
Love this doctor the very best, when I needed a knee doctor he hooked me up with the very best so greatful
Dr. Nagarkatti completed a MAKOplasty partial knee replacement in April at Hartford Hospital. I am a senior citizen. I was in the hospital one night, and within one week of home care was walking without assistance of walker or cane. In 3 weeks, I completed all PT and had a successful range of 130 degrees and can drive. I am amazed at how quickly the process went, how professional Dr. Nagarkatti and his staff are, and how happy I have my life back and can walk and climb stairs easily.
Just a real good doctor , great deposition
Dr. Memmo takes time to listen carefully & asks questions to clarify his understanding. If a test is given, he reviews results in a way the patient can understand. Started Physical therapy elsewhere out of convenience to workplace but after a few weeks of repetition & little results, I followed Dr. Memmo's original suggestion to use Htfd Ortho Rehab center in Glastonbury-NO comparison. Every day were diff activities, I was pushed to do best & I FELT the results & still do-HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Dr. Memmo is phenomenal and I'd highly recommend him. Here are the cons: the receptionist in the front says your demo/persona info aloud for patients in the waiting area to hear. There is zero privacy. She simply could have had us fill out a form. Second, in order to get an x-ray, you must travel across public halls in a hospital robe and sit in a waiting room where other people are casually dressed. Not a comfortable experience. Lastly, I was on time, but waited for an hour before being seen
Horrible experience. Saw the doctor for maybe 5 minutes. I found out from the secretary that I would be returning to light duty. When I asked to discuss it with the doctor, he would not speak with me. Did not listen when I explained to him how much pain I was in. Not the way to do busines.
I am a long time registered nurse and seek out the best doctors to provide my care. I find Dr. Memo to be in that category. He is kind, patient, knowledgeable,carries out the procedures well. If something does not work he looks for other avenues of treatment. I consider him to be very professional and polite. I would recommend him and already have to anyone! Donna Hanson R.N. April 12,2016
I have visited Dr Memmo on 3 different occasions over a period of approximately 7 years...once with my elderly mother and twice for myself. On each visit Dr Memmo was most helpful. He took the time to explain the conditions that we had and provided physical therapy to overcome our discomfort without resorting to surgery. He was clear, direct and very kind and respectful.
Dr. Memo is very competent when performing procedures and is also pleasent to his patients. He is also busy , maybe to busy. Visits to his office are like a cattle call - many many people waiting. He spent maybe 5 min with me - looked at my records and recommended a procedure. Not what I expected from a doctor- very procedure oriented - no exam- no education for the patient. --- NEXT!!
straight shooter when explaining procedures, risks, etc looks you in the eye when talking
Good listener. Sensitive to the issue impact on life style. Responsive
I was nervous reading reviews beforehand but Dr.Krompinger had great bedside manner, friendly. He was thorough but could be considered quick to someone expecting him to spend all day in appointments. He did a good back exam for my workers comp 2nd opinion with some solid recommendations. I prefer him over my original back doctor. He really knows what he's talking about, clearly an experienced doctor. I'm really happy with him. Thanks! -Mary P.
he has a horrible beside manner and seems as though he doesn't believe what you are saying. No compassion. He did fuse 6 vertebrae of mine, and I still have the same pain that I had previous to surgery. My stability and posture are better. Plan on a long wait in waiting room.
i waited for 1hr in the examining room for him to come in. went outside and asked does he know that I am here? Finally after 1 hour his PA shows up and said that he had emergency surgery and had to leave. Trouble is I heard him tell someone that he had to pick up his daughter at 4:30. At that point I walked out. No, I do not recommend him at all.
Good doctor but office staff is rude. I waited for the secretary to call my name you have to sign in on a piece of paper instead she sees a patients she knows who was there after me and chats it up with her for 20+ minutes and then when she finally does call 30 mins after my appointment time she tells me my new insurance isn't accepted even though it's the same as my old and offers me no insight as what to do or what I could do. So I have to just walk out. Unbelievable.
I saw him about 2 yrs or so ago, and still can't forget it. It was the longest and worst experience I've ever had at a doctor's office. I literally waited over 3 hrs including over 1 hr. in the inner office, in a johnny before he came in. He spent 5 minutes with me, looked at my x-ray and then walked out with no resolution or plan. This is not the way to treat patients who are in pain. A total factory with poor product. Office staff are blind to discomfort of patient. Don't go there!!
Dr Memmo is outstanding. He listens and explains everything to you so you understand. He has excellent bedside manner. I had severe lower back pain and Dr Memmo recommended getting a injection instead of jumping right into surgery. I feel so much better. I highly recommend Dr Memmo.
Dr. Benthien, please, I am begging you to learn bedside manners. Treat your patients with care and respect. Stop with the arrogant attitude. Belittling your patients will get you no where. Telling them they are exaggerating their pain is wrong and demeaning. Physically grabbing, twisting, and rubbing your patients affected limbs will get you a law suit. Good luck with all that. I have never in my life been treated the way Dr. Benthien treated me. I will be filing a complaint with the state.

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