Amazing. Easily the best, most receptive doctor I've had. Actually cares about her patients and works with you to find individualized solutions to problems.
Dr. Lau is a caring physician who will not rush you in and out of her office. She spends time making sure you understand your disease, the prognosis and the treatment available. She seems interested in you as a whole person.
My whole family sees Dr. Miller. She is amazing! She takes all the time you need to help you out. She makes you feel like you are her only patient. She's very knowledgeable and prompt. She is a little hard to get in to see, but that's a good sign....all of the good doctors are hard to get in to. I would recommend her to anyone! She always greets you with a smile and listens to what you have to say.
Charles Melvin has recently prescribed medication that is contraindicated to my complex medical condition. He prescribed an anti siezure med for insomnia. He suggested I have a sleep study. I have already had two. Both concluding I have sleep apnea. I refused doing a third study, because I felt conclusions were accurate and a waste of insurance dollars. When I was recovering from surgery last summer and could not drive, He became annoyed that I cancelled several appointments. I wouldnt recommend
Dr. Huddleston is a wonderful doctor and a compassionate person. I would recommend him as a doctor because he is the best doctor I've ever had. I've been very sick and he is always there for me with support and advice. I can't say enough nice things about him.
Dr. Huddleston has been my doctor since i was 8 years old. He was the first one to realize I had heart murmur and condition the very first visit. Hes smart, helpful, caring, and compassionate. I am now 25 and I will never change him as my primary care doctor. He most likely saved my life because I had heart surgery a few months after it first discovered. Great doctor for kids and adults. So comfortable to be around great bedside manner. Recommend him everytime.
Considerate, attentive, of the best doctors I've had yet...
Considerate, attentive, of the best doctors I've had yet...
I began seeing Dr. Gitman in Wallingford. And now, he is practicing in Enfield which is almost an hour drive for me. I continue to see him. He straight out tells you what he thinks and persists until he finds a diagnosis. I had gone to 6 other drs looking for a diagnose and they all ordered expensive tests and came up with nothing. If he doesn't know.....he looks for an answer after you are gone and has one for you at the next visit. He is the second physician I have seen that truly cares.
To the point with issues and takes the time after you leave to study and make sure your issue is resolved
Although Dr. Gitman can be abrupt, he is excellent at diagnosing your problem. There is a difference between LIKING what you hear or hearing the truth. HE tells you the truth. If you want a doctor who tells you what you want to hear, find another dr. If you are interested it being diagnosed and getting the proper treatment, please give this dr a chance. I live in Wlfd and he practiced 2 miles away. Then, he moved to Bristol, 35 minutes away. He now is almost an hour away, still my doctor.
I am appalled with the lack of care this doctor has towards people, patients. Although he is an internal medicine doctor.He lacks the necessary knowledge about caring for patients. Watching my friend BEG him for help, she has had MANY surgeries due to cancer and other physical issues. X-Rays ordered and broken bones found. He sent this person away with no casts no meds for pain. The Hippocratic oath he took to care and treat, is NOT THERE. WARNING, look elsewhere for a doctor. Disgusted.
Went to the office with the understanding of needing paper filled out for a government job, it was the whole reason the appt was made. Went to the appt, gave me a physical that I didn't need, and refused to be fill out the paperwork. He stated that he gave me many excuses as to why he couldn't fill it out. Than he tried to refer me to other people not needed, because he didn't want to fill out the paperwork. I feel the appts were just so he could be paid.
Has helped me repeatedly. Doesn't waste time with nonsense. Very knowledgeable.
Dr. Dennehy has delivered both of my babies and he is amazing. He is the sweetest, most compassionate OB you'll meet. He doesn't rush his appointment with you and listens to any of your concerns. He is a gentle, soft spoken man that has probably delivered hundreds of thousands of children. He is very knowledgeable at his craft! The wait times in both the Meriden and Wallingford office are very long though, that's my only complaint but it's the price to pay for great care!!
I've been with him for 23 years he's amazing. He's very sweet caring loving and can joke around with you and have fun with you too. He explains everything in detail and gives you all ur options. But in the end he lets you make the decision that you feel is best for you. LOVE DENNEHY
He is amazing I'm actually comfortable with him in every aspect he is honestly best male Dr I ever had in my life even doing my paps he's more gentle than any gynecologist I been to hes family oriented answers all my questions n concerns he has a sense of humor and he's just totally awesome!
Absolutely would reccomend Dr. Peccerillo. With both my pregnancies he answered all my questions, listened to concerns and he is super respectful.
Spent very little time examining me, did not take my pain seriously, made a comment, well I see you don't have a history of getting pain meds. That makes me feel like he looks at all of his patients as junkie. He scheduled no tests and after a second trip to the hospital I was diagnosed with a serious issue with my spine. I feel like he didnt take my problem seriously.
I've been waiting for 3 hours for my appointment so I thought this might be a good time to leave a review. Waradzin has been very cold and disconnected from me. At my first visit 3 weeks ago (I waited 2 hours then) she asked me what I was doing there (umm..). She never made eye contact, told me I needed labs and a procedure without telling me why. Didn't give me a chance to express any concerns and didn't even mention some fairly obvious issues I have that needed to be addressed. Don't go here!
The best Primary doctor that I have had in my entire life. Doctors Villegas maintained herself informed about the latest medical procedures and medications. She suggested that I have a routine test because of my family history. That test uncovered a condition that if not treated would have led to a hart attack. I can sincerely say that if not for doctor Villegas I would not be here today. Thank you doctor Villegas and God bless you.
Absolutely the most uncomfortable I have ever felt with a doctor.
Mean, rude and rough she's not good enough of a doctor to have a terrible bedside manner
The longest wait time I've ever experienced with a doctor. When I met her for the first time, I knew it would be the last time, very cold, never made eye contact...the entire four hour visit...which shouldn't of taken more than 30 mins. She made no conversation. Did an ultrasound, didn't tell me if the heart rate was ok, the size, she just looked, took two pics, kept one for her self and handed me the other and then left the room. She never said a word and didn't ask if I had any questions.
After I had my first baby and i had a c-section she came into take my staples out of my stomach. I was very nervous and scared and I just asked her how many there were to take out and she said in the most snotty response I don't know! I didn't count!

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