Had her MA tell me twice on two seperate occasions, with my history of malabsorption and osteomalacia to get more sun when my vitamin D level came out low. I'm on more RX supplements than the specialist I see has ever put someone on before, and this doc thinks getting a little sun is going to fix things? I also asked about some symptoms and that my cousin with them was just diagnosed with a rare disease. Who could I see about them I don't know. No referral to anyone about them.
I was seen for a short period of time by this so called doctor Chen. In November 2014 I had a very bad slip and fall on some ice and concrete I sustained 12 different injuries after the fall. I first went to the emergency room then I was referred back to Chen for treatment. During my visit with her after the slip and fall she demanded I get up from the exam table to address her! Then I tried showing her the body pics of my injuries, she did not even look at them or believe me.worse person ever
Couldn't ask for more! I always leave feeling better, even when I'm sick! Christa is an excellent Dr and a heck of a nice person!
She is a fabulous doctor, caring and willing to answer questions.
I will miss Dr McLean she was the best Dr I've had
I met with Dr. Miller for the first time this afternoon and she is an amazingly wonderful doctor. She took the time listen to me and offered compassionate and professional responses. She really cares about meeting the needs of her patients. I feel fortunate to have such an awesome doctor!
Dr. Chen has been my doctor for many years now, she listens to each of my concerns, always treats me and my family with respect and compassion. A true medical professional.
Dr. Bulkacz is unfit to be a Family Physician. He sped hastily through my first (and only) appointment (spent a total of about 10 minutes with me). He did absolutely no physical examination of me (no listening to my heart or lungs, looking in my ears and nose, nothing!). He was rude and dismissive of my stated symptoms. I would never go back.
Very kind and compassionate especially to the underprivileged. Knowledgeable in many areas and takes time to explain. Listens to the patient and helps with difficulties even if not medical issues. Outstanding professional! Boulder County is lucky to have this Doctor.
He spent less than five minutes diagnosing, barely listening to my concerns. I've never had a headache last more than a couple hours, so when I had a stiff neck and terrible headache for a week I became worried. His response? Take Tylenol and Aleve for 3-4 days, have a great day. $200 bill for that?
Finally found a doctor worth seeing at Kaiser. Excellent listening skills, warm and friendly bedside manner, and incredibly knowledgeable. Took time to read my whole chart before our first visit and asked very intelligent insightful questions while taking a good deal of time to get to know my situation.
Very kind, compassionate doctor who gives me a lot of time to talk about my health issues. I am getting help with a concussion right now and it's been very emotionally and physically painful and he's been really helpful. :-)
He's just awesome. He is very good with remembering my MEDICAL BACKGROUND/HISTORY without having to look at my Chart. He takes his time to listen to you on anything. He's just a awesome Doctor.
Very professional and easy going. My first visit was for an embarrassing condition. She put me at ease and handled it with good humor. I was at ease with her and trusted her. Thank you Dr. Miller!
During visit to Peoples Clinic in 2015, in the need to be tested for melanoma, ( still unaccomplished) I came to speak with Dr. Kevin Dryden about concerns I had as a human rights walker, with a 47 year disability and a victim of violent crimes of being examined for said melanoma. Mr. Dryden, in examine then came to pull on my clothing/shirt, in a manner against my ascetic lifestyle and against his Hippocratic Oath. I would never recommend his care, now as a woman. Nor for a woman or child.

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