Stacey was a great listener and very attentive. I could not be happier to have found her. I recently had to change health care providers after discovering that my longtime physician did not accept Medicare. I was very disappointed with the news and set out on a quest to find another, but not expecting that I would ever find one that could fill my former NP's shoes. Stacey made me feel comfortable from the time she walked in the room with her care and expertise. I highly recommend her!
I was billed $480 to get a pregnancy test, an allergy referral and to get a couple warts burned off...with great insurance too. When I called back to get specifics about my allergy referral they wanted to see me again to charge me an office visit. Then they did not even remember me.The worst part was I got the bill and my insurance paid it two weeks after my office visit.Their billing department never recorded the payment properly and it was eventually sent to collections. It has been a nightmar
The office does not care about how much time patients have to wait to see the Doctor but if the patient is late by 10 minutes, they just cancel the appointment. They cancel the appointment even if you are in their waiting area waiting for your turn to be helped.
I met with Stacey last week! She was very attentive to my needs and listened to all my concerns! She will follow with me regarding my health. She offered 100% care!
I first saw Dr. Krause when she was still a resident. Very warm and personable. It seems as though she loves what she does, and takes co-ownership of her patients health. It's nice to her that your health is important to your doctor.
Dr. Krause is an average doctor that does not take the time to fully examine you and does not answer all questions. I have been a patient for 2 years and the staff never can get a specialty consult correct... she does not care to monitor my diabetes correctly , and the staff is horrible, poorly trained and does not care about patients. All of the back up Doctors, falsify documents and do not provide adequate care... I would Never Recommend this office Ever!!!!!
Dr. Krause has been my physician for several years now, and I would highly recommend her. She's very thorough and caring, and she always takes the time to answer all of my questions.
She did not care about helping me. She told me that she could only address one issue and made it clear that this appoint was more about fitting into some specified time frame rather than providing care. She was rude and confrontational. I have no idea why she would choose to work in a profession where she has to deal with people. I could not have been more disappointed in my care with her.
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