Best pediatrician you can find!!!
Saw her only once when my child was ill. Went in looking for compassionate care and someone with finesse with a sick young child. She was exactly the opposite. Arrogant and rude from the second she stepped into the room. Worst bedside manner that I have ever seen and I work with physicians every day. Was told by staff she was being let go after just a few months for many similar complaints. If you have a choice, go anywhere else.
Centennial Medical Plaza ER-had a muscle spasm in my neck. She asked if the pain meds she gave were working-they weren't. She then was rude & basically told me to leave. she was frustrated because I didn't weigh enough to get additional meds evidently. she also told me I was to use hot & cold compresses but none were administered @ the ER. Rudest Dr. ever. It wasn't what she said it was the rude tone she said it in. Evidently when she asked if I was in pain I should have lied & said no.
I visited the ER to have the wax cleaned from my ear. Dr. Bratz had no idea what he was doing and I had to instruct him on how the Instacare does it every time. I left there with the same problem I came in with. He did absolutely nothing to help me and I was charged $800 after insurance for this visit!
This man is awesome, a very good Doctor, kind, and caring and so knowledgeable. I trust him completely. He treated me with such respect, and made me feel safe in my unsafe situation......we need more doctors like this!
Saw Dr. Bratz in the ER. He was very thorough and very attentive.

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