Took my husband to the ER by ambulance with sever fatigue, fever, dehydration and failure to survive symptoms. He did a CT and sent him home after I asked for him to stay and be observed. We ended up going back by ambulance again about a day later. He was diagnosed with Sepsis and pneumonia. He belongs at Kaiser.
I was in the ER a while back and had her as a doctor. For the most part she was ok.. but later when I was reading her notes from when I was in the ER she stated/ wrote all this stuff down claiming that I said stuff but I never said any of the info that she put down. So I'm disappointed.
You know, many people believe being homeless and in a shelter is simple, it's not. You can go ask 3 or 4 people on the streets if they'd rather be in a shelter and most will say the streets are less hassle. Having a child in the mess does change that dramatically, you need shelter, period. The nurses suggestion that Evan could rest in a park was completely out of line, she would not have said this to the ordinary, housed,
A thoroughly pleasant experience. Friendly, asked pertinent questions, ordered just one test, gave good explanations, invited us to call him later if we got home and thought of other questions we'd like answered. No complaints......well, it's Sunday and there seemed to be hardly any other patients there and, yet, our visit was about 2 hrs. start to finish....couldn't figure out why. But, otherwise, happy.
My daughter was sent to the emergency room by an urgent care facility. She has been sick for the past week with stomach pain and obvious physical symptoms, but since she was suffering from a panic attack upon arriving at the ER and asked for something to help her calm down , "Dr." Tremblay assumed that she was only interested in "getting drugs" and sent her home with a few pills, telling her there was nothing more he could do. No blood tests, no exam. Pathetic. No stars.
I was visiting from out of state and unfortunately required a trip for urgent treatment and was treated by Dr. Luttrell at Poudre Valley Hospital. He was courteous, friendly, informative, and professional. It could not have gone better. I was equally impressed with all of the staff as well. In the first section below, I am grading the hospital emergency experience, not office.
Wow! A truly fantastic experience. Dr. Slauson took the necessary time to sit down with me and work through my issue. He accurately diagnosed and treated the problem. Dr. Slauson went above and beyond the normal level of care I would expect. He is incredibly knowledgeable and put my mind at ease as he knew the best course of action. He provided the best interaction I've had with a doctor in Northern Colorado.
Very Nice Dr. Talks to you like a friend. Listens to what you have to say. Very caring. Deborah LeDrew, treated for fractured knee cap in emergency rm.
I'd give him 0 stars if it was an option. Horrible doc.
My daughter is very educated in her health conditions, and you interrupted her multiple times, as-well as took the c collar off. we will be contacting the director of the Emergency Department.
I had to be transported to MCR early Monday morning due to passing out in the bathroom from a standing position after washing my hands. (No, I was not intoxicated or high). From what I recall, I turned around and just fell straight forward hitting my face and bouncing back hitting the back of my head on the counter causing me to be wedged in quite the position. The loud bang woke everyone up. My parents and brother did everything they could to try and get me out of the bathroom as safely and as
Right on top of things when my husband came in with high fever, failure to thrive symptoms. What a great caring doctor after our experience with Dr. Mosiman. Thank you Dr. Arguelle!
Personable, explains best diagnosis in the ER condition, recommends alternative protocols, and answers all questions. Review based on broken upper arm.
I went to the ER while I was having a panic attack. The nurses took my blood pressure and I calmed down after about an hour. Dr. Kaufman finally came into my room and just prescribed me with some Valium. I told him I wasn't necessarily comfortable with taking it and I asked him if he recommended certain doctors to talk to, etc. His response was "there's so many, so I can't really make a recommendation." Pretty much a worthless visit that costed me almost $1,000.
I visited with this doctor for all of five minutes for a panic attack. He failed to inform me that after spending over $2,400 dollars in medical bills for this hospital visit that I would get charged an additional $220 dollars by the association he works for, which is independently contracted by the hospital. I spent $2,600 for an overall 15 minute visit in which this doctor gave me a cup of water and told me to relax, 5 of which were spent talking to him and the remainder sitting around.

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