Dr. Lockwood is thoughtful and compassionate. Her approach to medicine and her patients is comforting. Our daughter had been sick at college for months and was seen by 3 doctors, then seen at AFM. She was soon diagnosed and feeling better!
Dr. Abrahamson treated my son for a spiral fracture and I have to say our experience couldn't have been better! Dr. Abrahamson truly knows how to work with active kids and gave us realistic recommendations through the healing process. He even kept him in a cast a little longer knowing that he would want to be playing with friends shortly after. The MA, Courtney and also the woman who casted him were patient, kind and easy to work with. An amazing medical experience through a tough time!
Dr. Broman is a wonderful physician. He takes time to listen to what I have to say and answers any questions I have. Pleasant and professional.
I specifically searched for a Sports Medicine Physician to help my husband who was suffering from disc/nerve pain. My husband was a former cycling competitor so it was important for us to find a Dr who understood cycling and the toll it can have on the body. Dr. Abrahamson listened to our concerns about avoiding invasive treatments and showcased an unsurpassed level of compassion that neither myself or my husband has ever experienced from a physician in the past. We know we’re in good hands.
Dr. McCreery has been my OB and family doctor now for over 3 years and has delivered both of my children and provides care for both of them as well. She is caring, courteous and professional. She communicates things well to me and makes information easy to understand. She's prompt to her appointments, and I always feel I have time to ask questions, and I get respectful, thoughtful responses. Her nurse and office staff are great. I wholeheartedly recommend her.
Many is the best I've ever come across.
Dr. Ian Brickl is an amazing doctor and person. He has been our daughter's doctor since she was born, she just turned three. He is very caring and always listens to our concerns; he is so good with our little girl. Our daughter loves Dr. Brickl, even when she is not feeling well she gets excited to see him! We appreciate so much that he does not jump to prescribing drugs for the quick fix. Dr. Brickl always makes time to see us, even if he is completely booked, he makes a point to get us in
I was not at all impressed with this doctor. He fitted me with too big of a brace, ignored my pain and concerns, and debased the opinion I got from another doctor regarding my MRI. He made a joke of my appointment, didn't retest my range of motion, and seemed surprised when I pointed out areas of concern on my MRI and begrudgingly admitted there might be something there. He looked down on me due to my age. I will never be going back to him, and I will be going to an ACTUAL orthopedic surgeon.
I saw dr. Wilson in The Associates in Family Medicine office she was kind enough to bring dr. abrahamson in to review my foot I suffered with pain for 11 day after being seen at emergency it's been less than 24 hours since my visit and I feel 90% better already. Thank you both. Wonderful doctors!
I like that Dr. Lockwood listens to my concerns and based on that and symptoms that she detects, thoughtfully orders follow-up tests and visits. She is excellent at explaining her thought processes.
Dr. Mc Creery has a great bedside manner, very kind but also professional. She has been our family doc for 9 years now and would recommend her to anyone looking to find a family physician in the west Fort Collins area. She is thorough in her exams and I always feel I have time to ask questions without being hurried out. I feel she has always done her best to care for and treat our family.
Dr. Abrahamson was the first of 3 doctors that I went to after a car accident that looked at my neck and gave me what I felt was a proper evaluation. I felt more secure after my appointment and like I could trust his opinion
Dr. Unger is not only an excellent doctor, but a kind man who cares about his patients! We recommend him to friends all the time.
I have been a patient of Dr. VF for more than 25 years. She is thoughtful, thorough and engaged. She does expect patients to take responsibility for their health and to actively engage in the appt. You can ask her anything. Assoc. in Family medicine needs more individuals to answer the phone, I often have to wait 10+ minutes to talk to a live person.
I found Dr. Weiskittel to be very professional, and caring. I would have no reservation in recommending her to friends.
I'm new to town and tried this office for primary care. Have always struggled with hormonal imbalances. Very early onset of menopause and osteoporosis at 42. I had concerns and Terry told me I was "thin" and that's what happens sometimes. I'm 140 at 5'5. Refused any treatment for dx of my concerns or feedback in any form, including a check of vitamin D. She said I would never experience low D again since I had had it in the past and it had been treated. Inept and laughable "healthcare".
I have seen her twice and will be looking for a new Dr. She doesn't appear willing to work with your experience of your own body and treats you has if you know nothing. Condesending, poor attitude and lack of interest in your health problem. Only seemed to be interested that I was 5lbs overweight!!
We saw Dr Robonson for our son. He had as a rash on his face. After a week using a cream he was worse then when we started the medicine. I called the office, 5 hours later they finally called back. Dr Robinson wanted me to continue for another week!
Nurses are the worst possible. They do not care about your opinion and know very little about the medicines they are providing you.
She is the best doctor I've ever had. She is very calm and patient, and she is a very good listener. She truly cares about her patients and their health. Everyone in town knows her name, and they all highly recommend her.
Very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new doctor!
Long wait times in waiting room and in exam room. Even with an 8 am appointment I seem to be waiting 30 minutes to see the doctor. Very long time to get back to me about test results. Keeps sending my prescriptions to the wrong pharmacy even when I tell them every time which one to send it to. I've been going here since I was a baby. This place used to be so much better than what it is now. The only reason I keep going here is because it's too much of a hassle to find another place.
Professional, competent, caring/empathetic and most of all, easy to discuss medical issues with and not in a hurry to move on to the next room and next patient which the latest McDonald's of medicine doctors seem to be most concerned with. She heard my concerns and provided the correct advice and medications as well as very clear explanation of what was going on.
Dr. Van Farowe takes the time to know you on a long-term basis. She takes a "whole patient" POV of me. Her memory of my history is exceptional. I truly feel she relates to me as a person, not a paycheck.
I tried twice to make an appointment for an annual physical and was told that Dr. Under was booked out two months. I could not make an appointment because his calendar for the third month out had not been loaded into the computer. Very frustrating and poor customer serve.
Dr. Musgrave is great - she provides excellent care and really takes the time to listen. I like that she is open to alternative therapies such as herbs. She provides individualized care plans and tailors recommendations to your lifestyle. So sad she's moving!
Brought son in based on co-physician in the practice's recommendation if cold was not gone in another 2 weeks. Upon scheduling a follow up we had to see Van Farowe. I explained his symptoms:headache, sore throat, tight cough, stomach ache, loss of appetite (and 12 pounds), chills, hot flashes (no fever though), clammy, and chest and back pains. I told her I feared pneumonia to which she responded I can assure you it's not that (very condescendingly). Guess what: bad case of pneumonia.
As my primary doctor, she never asked about results from previous issues she treated me for, which shows either a lack of interest, or a severe dislike of me. She never referred me or even suggested I see a specialist for the issues she couldn't resolve for me. I took it upon myself to see the specialists, who did treat the problems successfully. Other issues, although I didn't bring them up, were ignored by her: high blood pressure and a 30 lb weight gain in 3 months. I've changed my Dr.
A very thorough and compassionate doctor who really cares and make an effort to know you not only as a patient but as a person too.
Very nice and kind manner. Dyan was very thorough with her examination and took the time to explain my options for treatment.
Very attentive to my needs and concerns. Prompt at acting on things. If she thinks it can wait will let you know that

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