I have been seeing Linda D , MD for about 20 years now. She is a great listener, and she is great with creating a safe calm place to discuss my concerns. She has great organization in making sure I am up to date on all my needed annual tests. I am lucky in that I am a very healthy person, but I do have slips on cholesterol and recently on my pre diabetes. She allows me to manage the way I prefer, by not being a pill pusher. Rather she encourages me to do what I need to -exercise!!!
Dr. Spies has been my physician for many years - before and during Medicare eligibility! She is very knowledgeable, professional and caring! She is definitely committed to the highest standard of medical practice. I would not hesitate recommending her to family or friends. She is a very good listener and gives very relevant responses. She provides very relevant referrals to specialists!
I have been a patient of Dr. Sato for over 10 years. She is very thorough in understanding what your issues are. She is the very best internal medicine doctor that I have ever had. She is also the doctor of my husband he also thinks she is the best.
Dr Spies is an excellent Physician. Very compassionate, knowledgeable and , listens to your concerns. She works with you to develop a care plan that accommodates your physical and emotional needs. I have also chosen her as a Physician for my two daughters. Thank you Dr Spies
Dr Poate is very knowledgeably and is concerned about my health. He works hard to find the right treatment for me. I love having him as my Doctor.
I have been with Dr. Sato now for over 20 years and would never think to move. The staff is fantastic and have always been there for me when needed.
Dr. Poate was recommended to me by another physician. I can see why--he is great.
I really appreciate the care I get from Dr. Spies and the rest of the staff. I trust her decisions and feel she listens to my concerns and is willing to discuss any of my issues.
Dr. Davis is superior. I have been her patient since I moved to Colorado seven years ago. I have a complicated medical history and she familiarized herself with my history and previous treatment. She takes the time to listen to my concerns and helps me understand issues with my health. She explains treatment and options. I have great confidence in her diagnoses. I have moved a lot and have always sought out the best internist I could fine. Dr. Davis is absolutely the best.
Always feel he is genuinely engaged when i have an appointment with him. Listens to my questions and concerns and answers thoughtfully.
I would recommend Dr. Sato to anyone. She really cares about your health and is very prompt.I've been going to Dr. Sato for almost 30 years. None better!
Dr. Davis has been my primary care doctor for several years. She always has the sweetest smile when she enters the room. She is very professional and yet she has a caring personal interest on her patients. I would be happy to recommend her.
I had a genuine, and most painful emergency. Called Front Range to see my regular physician but he was out of town. They set an appointment later on the same day to see Catherine Hunt. She asked the right questions, examined me thoroughly, and diagnostic my pain most likely to be sciatica. She gave me a script for PT and told me to call back if the treatment did not work and they would order some scans. Great to see a well trained professional so quickly and proper diagnosis.
Dr. Woods is an experienced, caring doctor who seems to care about her patients. I have been her patient for many years and like her and respect her more as time goes by. She is very knowledgeable and explains things clearly and completely. She also listens to my questions and concerns. I recommend her highly.
I saw Catherine Hunt, PA-C, at Front Range Internal Medicine last Monday. She was so helpful and very knowledgeable about my problem which had occurred over the weekend. Being able to see her on such short notice was great. FRIM has always had good PAs and Catherine certainly is part of that continuing standard of care.
Dr. Woods always treats me with care and respect. She has a friendly attitude and is a great listener. Her medical knowledge is amazing. I highly recommend her and her practice.
I have been a patient of Dr. Davis for over 10 years. Dr. Davis exercises the utmost professionalism regarding my health issues. Extremely courteous and helpful advice has always been my experience with the Doctor & her Staff. I highly recommend Dr. Davis .
DR. DEBORAH SATO IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS! Her calm and caring manner would work well for anyone who might have some Dr. anxiety. She is very thorough and answers all questions with a calm and ease that makes you as the patient feel confident in the fact that she knows what she is doing and has your best interests at heart. I will and have recommended her to many of my family and friends.
Dr. Spies has been my primary physician for more than 10 years. I prefer internists as primary doctors, and Dr. Spies is an excellent one. Over the several years I have seen her, Dr. Spies has always listened carefully to my questions and responded thoughtfully. In her presence, I have never felt like "just another senior citizen." She probably is the most "on time" doctor I have. It is only a short wait in the exam room before she arrives.
I just want to thank Dr. Davis for her warm manner and detailed attention to all of my health issues over the past (many) years.
Dr. Davis always listens to my concerns and is very proactive in referring me to appropriate specialists. She is very thorough and makes certain that I am up to date on all medical aspects of my wellbeing. Dr. Davis educates and informs and is not pushy or intrusive. I would highly recommend her to all.
I would recommend Dr. Poate. He always makes me feel comfortable and cared for.
Dr. Poate works with the patient to fully understand their situation before prescribing unnecessary medications. He has done an outstanding job in keeping track of my husband's INR numbers. We feel very fortunate to have Dr. Poate for our primary care physician. We think he is the best!
I was pleased to be able to receive medical help on the day that I called. I was able to see someone that day.
Catherine Hunt took the time to understand what my symptoms were, recommended a sensible course of action, and explained it thoroughly to me. I don't think you can ask for more than that!
Dr. Davis is very thorough wth exams; she listens intently when I explain how I feel; and discusses results in a positive manner. She is warm and caring.
I have been a patient of Dr. Spies for many years and always feel that I receive a thorough exam and follow up each year. She will always arrange for further tests such as bone density, when they are due and these are always arranged in a very timely manner. Prescriptions are renewed immediately and her staff is always very friendly. I would highly recommend Dr. Spies!
I have been using Dr. Davis for over 15 years. I am a very satisfied client of Front Range and particularly Dr. Davis. I appreciate Dr. Davis's professionalism and attention to detail. I rarely wait more than 5 minutes in the waiting room....and yet, she always takes as much time as I need for each appointment. Over the years, Dr. Davis has given me recommendations for other health providers. Her recommendations are always excellent.
My wife & I have been patients of Dr. Davis for 18 yrs. We love her and trust her with our health. We would not change as long as she is willing to treat us. She is very respectful and thorough. We would recommend Dr. Davis to anyone.
I was very pleased with the level of care I received from Catherine Hunt, the physician assistant with Front Range Internal Medicine. When I heard the prior assistant had left the practice, I was somewhat hesitant to see a new person for an appointment I needed immediately. I was very happy with the attention and concern I received from Catherine Hunt and ultimately the outcome of the appointment. I believe Ms Hunt is a perfect addition and is an asset to Front Range Internal Medicine.
Dr Davis is a genuine individual and has a calling for helping people I have 100 percent confidence in her advise. Dr Davis is someone you can trust in making a judgement that is in your best interest.
I have been a patient for about 25 years and have always appreciated her thoroughness, competence, humor and kindness. She has seen me through many surgeries and a few minor issues. She was also my husbands physician and sent me a personal note when he passed.
All the Drs. and Staff are exceptional and professional.
She has been my primary physician for over 20 years has provided me and my family outstanding care. She is an Outstanding doctor!
Dr. Linda Davis is extremely professional, personable sand knowledgeable. I have had the good fortune to have her as my primary physician since 2004. She takes time to listen and gives advice in language I understand. Thank you, Dr. Davis
I have a complicated medical history which sometimes complicates determining true cause of problem. Rather than waste time trying different modalities that might or might not resolve my problem, Catherine chose to have me tested to determine source of pain before determining appropriate treatment plan. Due to now knowing the facts, I was able to go to the correct specialist to resolve my problem. Catherine truly cares that her patient understands what needs be treated.
Dr. Poate is first rate. He is thorough, skilled and ,most important, listens carefully.
I have been a patient of Dr. Davis for about 17 years and have always been extremely satisfied with the care I have received. I have found her to be very thorough, knowledgeable and competent, personable and professional. She always enters the patient room with friendly energy and smiles. Dr. Davis is very patient centered and takes the time to carefully listen to my concerns. I value her expertise, advice and explanations as well as recommendations for particular specialists. She's the best!
For years I have been a patient of Dr. Spies. She is wonderful. She listens, knows what to prescribe and schedules an appointment for follow up. I am very lucky to have her as my primary care physician.
Dr. Woods is very thorough and knowledgeable about everything. She seems genuinely concerned about her patients. I have recommended friends and some of my new patients to the area.
I've been a patient of Dr. Poate for many years. I trust the decisions he makes to help me with all of my health issues. He's a Great, knowledgeable Doctor and I'm fortunate to have him. Thank you Dr. Poate and Staff for all your help over the years. Thomas B.
Dr. Sato is great. She has been my physician for 20 years and her care and kindness has been amazing.
I believe Catherine reviewed my health history prior to meeting me. She was very professional throughout my visit. The tests she ordered were appropriate and she personally followed up with the test results.
Dr. Kechriotis is the best. We drive 120 miles just to see her.
I have been a patient of Dr. Spies for many years now. Each time she listens to my concerns with a genuine caring attitude. She spends the time needed and answers my questions thoroughly. I would highly recommend Dr. Spies as a primary care physician!
Dr. Woods has been my doctor for almost 20 years. I thought about moving out of state, but refuse to give up my doctor. I typically have my list of things I need her to address so I don't waste her time since I know she is scheduled all day. She addresses every one of my concerns. She has been thorough, refers to specialists when necessary, answers all my questions, and I think she is brilliant. Thanks, Dr. Woods,
Love, love Dr Davis. Due to insurance changes I went to another internist for one year and could not wait to get back to Front Range Internal Medicine and Doctor Davis. I have been a patient for at least 15 years and will never go to anyone else.
Dr Davis is an exceptionally gifted physician. Thorough, personable, and caring.
Everyone at the office is great , Dr Woods is the best
I feel very fortunate to have Tambra Woods as my physician. She answers all of my questions, directly and succinctly; she is kind without being sappy or sentimental; she is both wise and knowledgeable, but will also readily consult a source for an answer if necessary. Compassion, experience, efficiency--this is the rare combination of traits I trust and value in Dr. Tambra Woods.
Dr. Woods has been my primary physician for more than 15 years. She is very attentive, thorough, organized, smart and an outstanding physician in every way. While I am generally healthy, I feel confident she would handle any medical issue with skill, compassion and appropriate levels of care.
I'm a registered nurse, actually an extremely meticulous nurse. I'm also a perfectionist with high standards and expectations for medical personnel. Out of all the Doctors that I've worked with, I chose Dr. Sato. I can't imagine having a better PCP.
Knowledgeable, friendly, listens to patients, non-judgmental, available, spends the appropriate amount of time, courteous. What more can one want in a physician?
Dr Davis has been one of the best doctors my wife and I have known. I would recommend her to any one I know. We have been fortunate to have her look after us.
Dr. Davis is very thorough and professional.
When my Dr was out of the office I was scheduled with Dr. Carol Spies. My regular Dr at this office is Tambra Woods. She is outstanding. Dr Spies ranks right up there. I have great confidence in these Dr's and this office. Best Dr's office in Denver I believe.
Dr. Spies is an outstanding doctor. She's professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I highly recommend her!
An excellent professional, always thorough and helpful. I've been a patient of Dr. Woods for almost 20 years, and I hope that she never retires!
Dr. Deborah Sato is one of the most competent, kind and caring physicians I have ever known. I have complete trust in her and would highly recommend her.
This was my first visit with Dr. Kechriotis. I found her to be very professional and caring. I had watched my very good friend go through a traumatic, life-changing event and then found that I had similar symptoms. I was very nervous and concerned. Dr. Kechriotis understood my situation and talked with me about it. She got to the core of the problem quickly and calmed my shattered nerves. I liked her manner and her expertise extremely well. Highly recommend her.
Catherine was so warm and helpful. When I cam in with a terrible cough and drippy nose, she checked me over and then had me take a nasal flu test. She even had time to intake my husband and check him as well. She is a knowledgeable, kind, caring lady in a fine medical practice at Front Range.
Both Dr Sato and Catherine Hunt are wonderful doctors and caring people. I've been seeing Dr Sato for years and would recommend. Thank you for the excellent care.
Dr. Sato is simply the best!!!
I was severely depressed and suffering from chronic back pain. Dr. Woods suggested that I was anorexic (I was not) and refused to answer more of my questions and concerns because my 15 minutes was up.
I am impressed with the technique and professionalism of Dr Poate. I was also very pleased with the time he gave me to discuss blood test results a few days after my exam.
Dr. Woods listens and hears your concerns as a patient and a person. She takes the time to know you and prepare for your visit with her so that she is efficient in providing care--and you never feel rushed or "dismissed". Her care provided to me and to family members has been consistent over several years
Dr. Poate takes the time so make sure you know everything about your health status. He has been my primary doctor for over 18 years and I could not be happier with the care he provides.
I have been using Front Range Internal Medicine for over 30 years. Dr. Sato has been my personal doctor for over 17 years. I have tremendous respect for he holistic approach to medicine.
Very warm. Answers questions. Promptness in seeing patients. Friendly office. She has been my Primary for several years and I feel confident under her care.
Excellent "bedside" manner. Dr. Sato made me feel comfortable and not rushed at all for our first visit.
If you are in need of a physician, I would look no further than Dr. Linda C. Davis. From my own personal experience, finding a doctor who is knowledgeable, responsive and who does actually listen to a patients needs and concerns can be a challenge. Dr. Davis is my physician because she and the staff at Front Range take the time to be sure that I feel special and cared for and that if I have questions or concerns they are addressed. A top-grade doctor and practice.
Dr. Poate takes time to discuss health issues without making you feel like you are taking up too much time. We all know doctors are busy people but we also appreciate feeling like someone is truly listening. The staff is friendly and helpful as well. I was referred by a friend and would do the same.
I highly recommend Dr. Davis because I come from a past of severe sexual abuse and she took the time to communicate and meet my therapist in regards to how to work with me. She faithfully communicates with me so I have a clear understanding of what to expect during my visit. Because of Dr. Davis dedication to meeting my needs feeling safe I HAVE no fear making appointments when needing medical care! Dr. Davis is a top notch Dr. and as her patient I would recommend her highly!!!
Excellent internist. A physicians physician.
My wife and I have been delighted to have thirty years of Dr. Spies's care for our health. She has been most wise and caring as our primary health provider, and she was warmly recommended by my wife's cousin, a research physician.
Dr Spies listens and cares, something not many doctors still do
Excellent Internist! Lovely, sensitive woman!
Very compassionate, smart and well connected with other Doctors if she feels a referral is needed.
I'm a longtime patient of Dr. Sato. What I like best about her is that she is smart! However, In addition, I never feel she is rushed. She is a great listener and returns calls promptly. Her PA, Andrea is also very good.
Dr. Woods is the finest Doctor in Denver
Dr. Sato is one of a kind blessing!
Wonderful Doctor. Been a patient for 15 years.
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