Dr. Stowers is an unfortunate addition to the medical community. He is an overbearing self-promoter who lacks compassion, empathy, and listening abilities. In addition, his assessment and diagnostic skills are subpar, in stark contrast to his self-perceived greatness, and as such he provides inadequate and substandard care. Unfortunately because he is an ER physician, there is very little choice when one is facing a true emergency. It's too bad this community has to rely on people like him.
Recently had to go to the ER for severe abdominal pains. She did a great job explaining things and being thorough. What really made it a "good" ER visit was how considerate she was. She was sensitive and really listened to me: not treating me like I was a junkie looking for pain meds, which is unfortunately an experience I have had in the past with other doctors. I hope I don't have to go to an ER again anytime soon but if/when I do I hope I have her or another doctor like her.
I saw Dr. VanDer Leest at Centura Hospital Emergency on July 7, 2016 for Epistaxis (ED). He was very personable, knowledgeable and explained the procedures he was doing in layman's language. I certainly would recommend him to others and would consider using him again.
Dr. Quirk did not attend to our physical concerns. The patient was in the ED for 7 hours without anyone examining the patient's bladder for urinary retention, which the patient continued to tell nurses, PA, and Dr. Quirk was causing significant pain. We will not be returning to Porter ED.
Awful bedside manner! Does not listen to patients.
His "bed-side" manner is perfect and you can tell he cares about his job and his patients.
I have three fractured vertebra that I manage without meds. I have had three children. Two being twins and carried them to term WITHOUT pain meds while having a broken back. This week I seemed to herniated a disk in my neck and am in 8/10 pain. Dr Coates didn't even examine me. Sent me home with meds I already have at home that were not working for me and told me to "deal with it".. I left in tears. She never even asked me my pain level I am literally sobbing from pain and humiliation right now
Left in a room in the emergency department for over 2 hours with an IV running. Many staff walked by, but no one bothered to ask if I was ok. I had maybe 15 minutes face to face time with her during the entire time I was there and then received a bill for $878.00. Many errors made in my medical record. Lab tests were ordered that were medically unnecessary. Billing office is impossible to work with, no discounts for those with no insurance and on a very limited income.
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