I am a healthcare professional as well and I trust Dr. Jean Greos to give me the care and advice that I need. Dr. Greos takes the time to explain your options and gives you enough information to make an informed consent. I never felt that my care was rushed or generic. I may have had some thoughts and ideas of what was best for me. After meeting with Dr. Greos, I understood why those choices may have not been the best for me. I recommend Dr. Jean Greos as an exceptional physician. S.T.
Tara is very friendly and knowledgable. She makes me fell very comfortable so I can always be upfront with her about my health. I highly highly recommend her!!! My health has improved drastically and I drive 45 minutes just to see her because I refuse to switch to anyone else. : )
I recommend Dr. Papner to everyone family and friends
I have seen Dr Greos 4 times in the last year, and she asks every time if she has seen me before. That's ok if she does not recognize me, but taking a few minutes to review my chart would provide her the answer and help build rapport. Also, I am on a few maintenance Rx, and trying to get them refilled is painful. The office staff has improved with being under HCA, but I do not look forward to calling them when I need to resolve an Rx issue. It may be time to look elsewhere.
I am sixty years old and I decided to seek for a new doctor five years ago after I suffered a sub dural hematoma. The Doctors that saved my life explained that I would have been brain dead if I would have arrived an hour a half later. Since my previous always had her PA check me I switched to Dr. Greos. During the past five years, she has been the Dr. that checks me. She is professional, knowledgeable and makes me feel like I am the most important patient regardless of her workload.
Dr. Greos has been my primary care physician for sixteen years. She is an excellent diagnostician, very knowledgeable, professional; and, what has been important for me, she is relatable. Dr. Greos does her job extremely well and makes you want to be responsible for your health. Susan Shuhert
Dr. Jean Greos is a truly fine physician! Her expertise and manner of communication is very excellent and I would highly recommend her without qualification.
My husband and I have been treated by Dr Greos for many years. She listens and is very caring. She take the time to resolve my health issues each time I see her. I have all the confidence I could have in a Doctor and her ability to take care of my concerns. I rarely wait more than 15 minutes at my appointment and have enjoyed the staff at Englewoid Family Practice for their kind and caring attitude.
I've been going to Dr P for 25+ years and am done. While Dr P is a nice person, what was once a nice practice, is super un-personable due to so much medical staff turnover and an apparent need to keep apps to a min. To make an appt for an RX refill, I waited 10 minutes on hold, then got a phone call later that the appt was cancelled. I had to call back again and wait another 15 minutes on hold. Never got an appt as they didn't know how to sched for an RX refill. Am going elsewhere! Sorry Dr P
Dr. Persoff is incredibly kind and personable. He thoroughly listened to my concerns and I never felt rushed. He treated me like a human being instead of just an appointment filler. I was very impressed with his bedside manner. He's a good example of how a doctor should treat their patients.
Just moved to CO and trying to find a primary care doctor (which by the way is almost impossible in this state because no one is taking new patients!) I asked the receptionist if she was taking new patients to which she curtly replied, no! I then started to ask her if that might possibly change in the future and she hung up on me in the middle of my sentence! Wow, takes rude to a whole new level!!!
I have seen several doctors regarding the same issue that I saw Dr. Papner for and I left her office knowi g that she actually cared very much about my issue. She has helped target things that I have been trying to overcome for several years.
I saw Dr Persoff for a physical and did blood work at the end of September. It is now 11/5/16, I have never received a call about my results, though I have had problems with Vit D levels in the past. I have called the office 7 times now over the course of 3 weeks, left 3 VMs with 3 different people - two medical assistants and the office manager. I also spoke with 2 front desk staff who assured me that a medical assistant would contact me regarding the situation. I have not received ONE call
I love dr. Greos. I'm glad she's hooked up with HealthOne hopefully it will be good for all concerned
She always takes the time to sit, listen, explain and answer my questions. I never feel rushed.
Dr. Papner listened to my concerns about my condition and was thorough in her examination. She's friendly and patient.
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