Dr. Rose clearly cared and tried to help my osteo when I came in to try to get more insight on options (somewhat of a second opinion); she educated me on my condition and understood my pain. She gave me options and therefore, hope!
He has help me a lot with my arthritis problems and he is a very good and nice doctor! I would recommend him
Probably not. It took almost two months before anything was done when I had a flare up with my RA. I have joint damage now and have requested a different doctor. However, the Colorado Arthritis center overall is excellent with quality doctors and staff.
Excellent Doctor. Really cares for patients. Doesn't push pills. Open to alternative ideas.
I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Zachariah. I had consulted with multiple doctors and was unable to get a firm diagnosis. Dr. Zachariah was the first doctor that really listened to my symptoms and focus on more than results of a blood test. She is willing to engage in conversation on disease management beyond medication. She does a good job thoroughly explaining treatment options and communicating with her patients. I would highly recommend her.
I have been going to Dr Westerman for over 13 years now. He diagnosed me with RA. Together we have tried every imaginable drug out there and some twice. He always works with me and isn't afraid to try new things or ask other doctors. He is a wonderful caring man. He is also very punctual. You never wait around his office for hours waiting to see him. If there is a problem with the staff or billing anything he is always there to make sure it's taken care of. Love him!!!!
Wow I cannot believe what a bad experience I had at dr. Zacharias office. I assumed it would be very professional and I would get help however she did not do any of that and try to force other drugs on me that I asked her not to. She didn't look through my files and just assumed that I knew every single drugs I had been on since I was 14 years old. She's inappropriate and unlikely to help anyone
To MANAGEMENT: Tried making an appointment with Joni today. After being put on hold for 8 minutes and then being shamed and ridiculed for my office not sending over my records, I asked what I could do. Told her I am in a lot of pain and really nervous about what is going on. She said there is nothing until April and basically told me to go somewhere else. After expressing my frustration with her attitude and tone she saidThat is just my voice. You should be embarrassed to have her.
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