I had surgery last year and was told to see a Podiatrist to avoid any bleeding issues as I take Warfarin. I was fortunate to be assigned to Dr. Lewis and have been very happy with his guidance, knowledge and concern for me. I have found that he provides me with more information, and as a consequence, more comfort, than any other medical professionals I have seen since my surgery. He answers my questions thoroughly and anticipates my needs. I highly recommend Dr. Lewis. He is outstanding!
Dr Lewis examined my toenail and explained things pretty well and gave me appropriate medicine for the growth. The only reason I rated him as a very good referral are practical. If you are hearing, there is an excellent chance I will recommend him. If you are deaf, it depends on your ability to work with him without interpreters. In my case, English is my first language and am willing to work with him (we typed back and forth). For the deaf, good chance I will, depending on person.
Awesome care! Seems to have fixed problem that was misdiagnosed by another podiatrist in town. Very kind, very knowledgable and professional.
Pleasant office, helpful, friendly staff, . Impressed with Dr Lewis and his knowledge and suggestions. Recommend highly.
I've known Dr. Lewis for over a year. I really like that he respects his patients and patient's family during the treatment sessions. He takes the patient's feelings and concerns into consideration while making a treatment plan for his patients.
He healed my foot wound. He understood my concerns about this wound. He advised me of all my options to heal my wound and made sure all my questions were answered in a way I understood.
I had extreme foot pain before my surgery. The post-surgical pain was so much less. Dr. Lewis is very knowledgeable and professional, yet is still warm and approachable. I would trust any future foot or ankle surgery to him. He's the best!
I find Dr. Marble to be very honest and very kind he explains everything in plain English, when speaking with his patients he makes eye contact. I recommend him.
He's very friendly and he make you feel very comfortable he lightens up the mood he is very knowledgeable about what he does he is the best doctor that i have ever been seen. He is just an amazing person all around.
Dr. Lewis is extremely intelligent and also very caring. I would recommend him to anyone over any other doctor-the best!!!
Dr Lewis takes a pro-active approach to your needs, listens very well and pays attention to your input and incorporates it in the overall plan of action to your care. Dr Lewis was able to completely heal my Plantar Fascia, first time in over two years that I have been pain free and still so even a month after treatment has ended. It's amazing, went from being active a few hours a day to 10 to 12 hours a day. Highly recommend you set an appointment if have any foot of ankle issues.
I fell off a 12 ft. ladder and Dr. Lewis was recommended to me by a friend I had shattered my heel and my heel had to be rebuilt. Dr. Lewis explained to me in detail what I was to expect and he was very honest even if it was hard for me to hear. He was very easy to approach and ask questions to and he listened and gave me guidance when needed. I am a 62 year old man, and I was treated with so much respect. It was very obvious how wise he was in working in this field and I trusted him completely.
Dr Lewis performed surgery on my right foot. It was a complex surgery done skillfully with no complications. I am very pleased with Dr Lewis. In addition, he listens well and is a nice person.
Excellent doctor that not only cares about his patients, but you know this because he actually listens to you. And takes his time to make sure he understands your concerns and when he addresses them, he speaks in a language that you understand. When you leave his office, not only do you understand what trratments he is giving you but you know why. As well as understand what you can do to help maintain your feet and keep them healthy. Great human being and even better doctor.
He is experienced, very friendly, and I trust him.
We provide comprehensive ankle and foot medical and surgical care utilizing state of the art technology. We provide ecellent patient service in an enjoyable and safe environment. French

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