Don't waste your time, keep looking. Front desk staff is rude, doctor is aloof, does not do thorough exams, struggles to diagnos issues, cancels appointments on day of appointment, last minute, etc, etc.
Suggest not using this doctor!! Unprofessionally ran office. Dr is forgetful. During annual physical exam he didn't touch me. Other docs would: listen to chest and bowel sounds, check eyes, ears, throat, hands, legs, feet, thump on torso - normal physical procedure. Not this guy. When a test is negative for a symptom, he does nothing to suggest further testing nor does he provide a referral. Does nothing at all to address the issue! Basically states "there's nothing more we can do for you".
I have been with Kasey for several years now and so is most of my family and a few of my friends. We all love him very much and love to see him when we are at our worst he always cares about my needs. The only downfall is that he is overwhelmed with patients and his front desk staff is difficult to work with over the phone and in person. The one person at the front desk I never had any problems with they let her go. He needs another physician at his office to spread out the patients.
Dr. McCreight is a good innovative doctor he understands and very compassionate with patients. He always took time to explain procedures and diagnosises. He gave plenty of alternative options to help his patients. However he is a bit spacey and loses important documents about personal healthcare situations "within his office" which is a violation of Hippa.His downfall is his staff that are untrained and incompetent and do not like to be inconvenienced to help patients and Over bill healthcare.
This is not a professionally run office. His staff sits on orders from specialists and doesn't bother sending it off to the appropriate place unless you call them and put pressure on them. It's terribly unprofessional. And the front staff is rude, particularly two women. My wife had the same experience. Park View needs to vet their employees better. The only saving grace about the place is Dr. McCreight, who is a good guy and overall competent doctor.
Extremely smart, caring, and helpful.
Extremely rude
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121 S Crescent Dr Ste A