very encouraging and kind.
Last two months I've been off my meds two times because neither him or any of his staff could call me back. I have three kids and have had to deal with the with draws two times in two months. He met me one time and wanted to up my dosage on everything, he also said my four month daughter was a distraction. I think he was unprofessional and rude and that whole practice is very easy to just hand out prescriptions. Would never recommend him or that place.
Dr. Szvetecz helped me to find a proper medication to help find a way out of a major depression. He was kind, a good listener, showed real concern about helping me get better. I believe he saved my life. He also made certain that I had a therapist to talk to which was a big part in my overcoming depression. He still works with me, remembers me and my family. I highly recommend him.
Becoming disabled from a head injury due to a neurological disorder caused by trauma to the brain I struggled for 7 yrs with misdiagnosis & medications which caused major health issues. Dr. Szvetecz started a more appropriate care plan and took the time necessary to work on finding its cause. By guiding me to the correct steps to take & by following through, my quality of life has increased to almost 100%. There is no cure. I am one of the closet to recovery. He has my highest recommendation.
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