l really like Dr.Ghincea as my pcp. she is treat me like family menber. l can ask to her anything l want ask..
Great experience. I have a chronic illness and spend a lot of time in Dr.'s offices and this was one of the best. The scheduling staff went out of their way to get me in early (due to some insurance constraints). The receptionists were friendly and responsive. The nursing staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about my illness. Dr. Havlen herself spent a considerable amount of time with me (surprisingly so, considering today's environment) getting to know me and my illness. Great!
I am very comfortable with Dr. Schultz. His expertise, kindness, concern and excellent follow-up make him the best doctor I've ever had. He is accessable and answers questions promptly, even when other providers are involved. I have been his patient for a number of years and recommend him highly.
I am happy to recommend Dr. Havlen. It is clear that she enjoys treating people of all ages (see her online video). She has a gentle manner, listens well, and is easy to talk to; She isn't threatened by a patient who has some knowledge of an issue. She is perceptive and has given me good advice. I've always been able to see her rather than an associate, even recently when she come in early to check a potentially serious development.
Dr. Ghincea is a terrific doctor who gives you her full attention and care. Thank you for taking such a good care of me and my husband.
Dr. Havlen is great. She's obviously intelligent and competent. She's also very approachable. My favorite thing about Dr. Havelen: she showed an interest in me. She took the time to stop and speak with me, demonstrating a holistic interest in my health. She's a great listener. I give her my highest recommendation.
Has been a great physician, very knowledgeable gives great care And sound medical advice. Someone you can talk to.
I would highly recommend Dr. Ghincea because she accurately diagnoses a medical issue and promptly resolves it. She is very knowledgeable and thorough.
Dr. Havlen is very attentive. She responds quickly, and her office staff are also very nice.
Dr. Ghincea is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor. She liistens to my problems and knows how to deal with all of them. She is wonderful, and I can't recommend her too highly.
I highly recommend Dr. Schultz as a Primary provider for your healthcare needs. I have been patient for almost 10 years at his practice. He is a very personable provider that listens to your needs/issues or complaints. He discusses options for the care needed, and always asks if you have any questions, before the visit is over. Always gets back with you for your results from labs or tests that may have been ordered timely.
Dr. Schultz is thorough and thoughtful in his patient care. He instills confidence by careful explanation of his findings, recommendations and commensurate medications if applicable.
I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Tunde Ghincea, MD, to my Family and Friends! Dr. Ghincea has been my husband and myself's primary physician for years! This person is a blessing as she accurately diagnoses our aliments. More serious ones as we age such as cancer and A-fib she has recommended excellent specialists and follows our file all the way.
Dr.Havlen had been my doctor for several years. I left a previous doctor because I could not get answers to questions, time spent with me was not dictated by need but by need to cram as many patients as possible into a time frame. Dr. HAVLEN is attentive to your needs, listens to you like she cares-and does-and is very bright, professional, and-- she is my doctor!
I feel fortunate to have Dr Schultz as my primary care provider. He is most caring and attentive. he knows his medicine.
Dr Schultz has a common sense approach to healthcare. He listen carefully to what I have to say. Asking the right questions and following with his examination he is typically able to diagnose the problem quickly. Most of all I appreciate his ability to explain what needs to be done and why.
My visit to Dr.Havlen left good impression. She was on time (which is rather important to me, as I don't like to be left in that small room for long time), was very pleasant and professional. She listened me without rushing and made her suggestions and the diagnosis for the problem. I felt comforted and trusting her opinion.
Dr. John Schultz has been our primary care physician for many years. He has an admirable resume, which includes teaching staff at the University of Colorado Medical Center. Dr. Schultz is very thorough, always taking the time to consider all alternatives for treatment. He explains things completely, in an easy-to-understand manner. Should the one's medical situation require it, Dr. Shultz refers you to a specialist. The staff at Skyline Primary Care is professional and caring.
Dr. Ghincea is easy to talk to and is very professional in her diagnosis.
I've had numerous doctors over my life but none I've ever felt more comfortable discussing my concerns with than Dr. Schultz. I feel he actually cares about my health. In the few instances when I've needed to see a doctor immediately he has always made time, usually at the end of his day when he should be going home to his family, to take care of me.
Dr. Schultz is excellent doctor and I sincerely recommend him.
I've been going to Dr. Havlen for several years now and have always been very happy with the results. I always feel like I get the care I need. Dr. Havlen is kind, attentive and thorough - a great find.
I recently changed PCPs, and I am very happy that Dr. Havlen is my new doctor. She is attentive, friendly, accessible, and thorough. On both my visits I have come away with great confidence that she really listened to me and really cares about my various health issues. She communicates clearly and thoroughly. In addition, the front office in this practice is very friendly and efficient, which is a very important part of the experience. I can recommend her without reservation.
So kind, caring. Dr. Ghinchea is so thorough in explaining her thoughts. She listens to me like I am her only patient that day. So happy to have found her. Her MA and other clinic staff are just as kind.
Dr. Ginche is such a wonderful physician. She is extremely personable, wonderful rapport with her patients and makes you feel comfortable. She truly cares and does her absolute best to help her patients. HIGHLY recommend her to any of my family/friends.
Dr Ghincea was one of the most friendly doctors and best doctor experience I have ever had. She was open and made the check up a discussion about anything I had issues with. She even arrived early before I could finish my paperwork.
Dr Schultz has been my doctor for more than 20 years. I completely trust him and his care. He listens well, is open to suggestions, takes time to answer questions. I never feel rushed when I see him. The office staff is super friendly and helpful. They respect your time, there is never a long wait. I feel like Dr Schultz is a partner with me in my health care.
Dr. Havlen repeatedly gave adderal perscriptions to an addict patient who was in an outpatient recovery program. She asked no questions about his addiction, the program, or the safety of this patient who was using the drug as a speed/amphetemine to keep him up for days on end. The patient had a baby and put the lives of several people in danger. She is shamefully irresponsible.

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