Cynthia is very helpful and encouraging. With her help and advice I believe I am going to enjoy good health well into my older years. She gives detailed explanations as to why what she is telling you to do will help your situation.
Lori Buxton is an amazing women's health physical therapist. My first visit with Lori was a serious eye opener and game changing for my health. She is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, and she is truly revolutionizing women's Health. Thanks to Lori's manual therapy, and the exercises she gave me, I am now doing all things I love to do without being held back by pain!
Dr Popper is very professional and explains what ever she is doing when doing an initial evaluation. She is very good in demonstrating and documenting the patients' exercise program and also the exact purpose of the exercise.
Cynthia was caring, professional, very skilled and empathetic. She had a sense of humor and always had a smile.
Dr. Popper is outstanding, professionally and personally! She is very intelligent, focused, and makes the sessions fun. I had surgery on my right foot, ankle and calf on 10/1/15, involving bone cutting and drilling, tendon removal and relocation, etc. Later that day I was couch-bound, watching a movie my wife picked out for me- White Men Can't Jump. Now, thanks to Niki's expertise, I'm jumping, running, etc. Her dedication to my success was a strong motivator for me. I'm very impressed!
I have been a patient of Dr. Popper for over six years. I have been in physical therapy for 40 years. Dr. Popper is the best physical therapist I have ever been treated by. I would highly recommend her. An extra bonus is that she is very nice!
We are a private practice outpatient physical therapy clinic that specializes in pelvic floor disorders, general orthopedic conditions, TMJ/headache and vestibular/balance disorders.
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