After 3 failed surgeries on my foot, I was referred to Dr Shank. After consulting with him, I felt he had a great plan for repairing my foot. I consented to surgery and for the first time in over 10 years, I can walk without any foot pain...I am very happy!...I wholeheartedly recommend Dr John Shank and anyone in his professional practice.. P. Whitaker
Having had surgeries in 9 years since moving to colorado, I can say that i would recommend Dr. shank to anyone. He is the best . In addition, his office staff and personal are second. to none
Excellent, professional, to the point. Would highly recommend Dr. Purcell, MD.
Dr. Larsen is one of the best surgeons I've had treat my injury. He was very involved and caring of my situation; severe hand injury. I was very impressed with his bedside manner and compassion. He explained my injury in detail by drawing it on paper. His PA. Stephanie, is also amazing. She cares more than any provider I've had experience with. His MA, Bri, also, amazing. Just a great experience in every way. Highly recommend this surgeon. Amazing results and an amazing team
Dr. Weinstein replaced my right shoulder and it is doing great! I will be having him replace my left shoulder soon! Brad Richardson
Great Doctor! Explains everything & takes his time answers all your questions!
Dr. Kobayashi is an amazing doctor and equally amazing person. I have been treated with such kindness, understanding and care, not just another patient. His staff is wonderful too. I have been telling everyone about The Center and highly recommend it.
I am so pleased with my treatment, surgery, and follow up appointments! Dr. Shank and his staff are amazing in all areas I needed. I am so grateful my local physician sent me to this office when I broke my ankle. I have been telling everyone if they need an orthopedic doctor, this is the only place to come.
I've seen Dr. Shank around 4 or 5 times in the past four years. He takes his time with you and listens to all your concerns. Over the years, I have been to foot doctors who encouraged me to have surgery. Not Dr. Shank. He went with a more conservative approach. Although PRP is not recognized by Insurance Companies, I believe this non-invasive procedure eliminated the pain I was having.
Dr. Larsen is warm, friendly, VERY knowledgeable and professional. A brilliant surgeon and doctor!
I was diagnosed with severe midfoot arthritis, due to an old injury. I switched to another Dr., thinking he's the best. However, he would not fix the entire midfoot. I go in and see Dr. Shank, he says he can fix it with screws in my midfoot, metatarsals 1,2,and 3. Well, I'm so happy to say, I no longer have arthritis so bad that I can't walk. 3 months alter it is all fused again, so I finally was able to address my torn right knee medial meniscus, with Dr. Purcell, who is also a perfectionist:)
I would highly recommend Dr. Shank for any surgery you may need. He is the BEST! I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Shank and his staff. He reconstructed my ankle after my hiking accident. Thanks to him I am back hiking and enjoying every day life completely free of pain. He and his staff made every step of the way delightful and worry-free.
I'm glad I listened to Dr.Shank! He recommended surgery on my arthritic ankle and it is so much better! No pain at all! Recovery was just as he said it would be. He is very kind, patient and friendly. I never felt rushed when visiting him. He answered all my questions and explained everything to me clearly.
Dr. Shank repaired my L ankle, by doing a complete reconstruction of my L Ankle. Today I started walking without crutches in 3 years. Thank You
Extremely well versed physician. He cares about his patients. I have had several surgeries and in my opinion, he is the best. He personally came to check up on me in the hospital, checking on the surgical area himself, not just leaving that area to the nurses. Great on following up on my progress.
Words will not express my admiration of and appreciation for Dr. John Shank. After two unsuccessful surgeries on my left food, he spent 3.5+ hours in surgery cleaning out the junk left from my earlier procedures. Two years later I have full and painless use of my foot. Thank you, Dr. Shank
Exceptional doctor. He diagnosed and surgically treated a shoulder condition I had for over 30 years and other specialists had told me could not be fixed.
The first time I went in I saw the Dr for 5 minutes and his PA did the rest and gave me a cortisone shot and it worked for the strength immediately but the pain has never gone away. 4 years later back again, another mri another appointment 8AM sat in the office for thirty minutes, not the waiting room, the actual office not a peep from anyone. I walked out asked for my copay back and got an okay, asked for my signature and no I am sorry or explanation or anything else. I will never go back .
Just a great doctor altogether. Recommended him to several people and the were very pleased.
Dr. Purely and his staff were amazing, very helpful and answered all our question. For someone who lives outside of the springs and had to travel 2 hours, we were usually early and out of the office before the appointment time was scheduled. The surgery went well and with very little pain during recovery and very happy with the out come. The is not much more than I can say, but Thank you!
One of the things I liked about him was his sense of humor! You can joke with him. I had an ankle fusion of my left ankle. All the way through the process was excellent. All the personnel were great. The fusion was on May 23, 2016 and I am FWB as of August 15, 2016.
Dr Wienstien did rotator cuff repair surgery on me 9/16 he did an awesome job he is top dog so glad I was lucky enough to have him as my surgeon im very grateful to him and his medical team????
Dr Weinstein performed my third surgery to correct issues from a the prior two by another surgeon. The surgery and rehab went great. I just had surgery on the other shoulder. Start to finish the process went great. Looking forward to rehab and playing golf again next spring. Thanks to Dr Weinstein, Jeremy, and all staff at his office and surgery center.
When I first met Dr. Larsen, my husband was with me and it was short. He simply told me I needed to have 4 bones removed from my wrist, calling it unstable. I needed a little time to process this info, so about a week later we both returned with a lengthy list of questions. The office seemed busy, but Dr. Larsen patiently and completely addressed all of my concerns and I'm very pleased my wrist is again stable and I have a very good range of motion. Love his unique and quite sense of humor!
Great physician. Excellent surgeon.
He figured out my issue I've been having for over 2 years, other doctors missed it and he found it within two visits. I was fixed and home all in a weeks time.
Dr. Weinstein is without a doubt the best doctor who's ever treated me. His staff is just the opposite.
Dr. Shank has an excellent bed-side manner as are his surgical skills. He came very highly recommended by mr PCP and I in turn have referred people to him.
I had surgery from another Doctor that really messed up my feet, but Dr Hainge was wonderful and so caring. His whole staff is just out standing. If you need a Podiatrist, I can not speak high enough for him.
I very much like Dr Weinstien and my surgery was great and I'm recovering. But to be really fair, I've been waiting over 1.5 HOURS to see him. Not in room yet. Probably add another .50 to that.
My visits sometimes were with Dr. Shank and sometimes with his assistant. I felt like Dr. Shank was so busy he didn't even know me. Between he and his Medical Assistant information was inconsistent. When calling with a concern i have never received a call back from Dr. Shank himself. His Medical Assistant actually called my Physical Therapist instead. I had to make repeated calls to get in touch with anyone. Calling in requires so many filters it makes it difficult to express my concerns
From initial appointment through surgery and now after physical therapy I have been extremely happy with all visits to see Dr Weinstein. I am thrilled to be pain free and I am slowly buildinfg up strength in my right shoulder.
Dr. Hainge is very personable, explains to the point your condition and how he will fix it. He is amazing!
Dr. Haigne was prompt, efficient, & helpful.
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