Dr. Haskins and his staff have been very friendly and informative throughout both of my childrens orthodontic treatment. I have a teenager who recently completed Invisalign treatment and a younger child who is currently nearing the end of the first stage of treatment with regular braces as he had a lot of crowding and needed to make room for his permanent teeth. I've been to all 3 office locations as we have had to be flexible with appointments to fit our scheduling needs.
Dr. Haskins is an excellent orthodontist and a very kind man. I am so pleased with the outcome of my treatment and highly recommend him. It is rare to find such a thorough, exceptional doctor with such a personal touch. His staff is very pleasant to work with, too.
Dr. Haskins and staff have been wonderful over the years. My anxiety in regards to the process was eased immediately by the initial staff that met with us and discussed the plan, asking myself as well as my daughter if she had any questions. They are so friendly, they celebrate each milestone whether moving on to the next phase or final stage of removing braces with the kids. They actually made this enjoyable for my oldest daughter as well as my younger daughter who is now 11! Highly recommend!
I would definitely recommend anyone who needs orthodontia work to see Dr. Jeff Haskins. He and his office staff are absolutely wonderful, kind and caring. He has treated all 3 of our children and we love the results!
Absolutely fabulous, Dr Jeff and staff!!
Dr. Haskins and his staff are great. Sometimes it was hard to get into the Arvada office when necessary, but that was our only complaint and we had 4 kids get their braces with Dr. Haskins!
Dr Haskins and his staff are fantastic!
Dr. Haskins and his staff are super organized and knowledgeable. Plus, they like to make the patient's experience a fun one. :)
Everyone was friendly, great service and always in on time.
Dr. Jeff and his entire staff are absolutely the BEST. They care at a level I have never seen by any doctor's office of any type. The process has been beyond expectation, they are there at every turn, with a smile, to answer any questions or concerns. Dr. Jeff does an amazing job at keeping up on all the latest and greatest technologies and delivers superior treatment. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone and everyone!
Love this place! Great service, easy scheduling and amazing results!
Just love this practice! My daughter developed a gap between her front teeth over a year after phase 1. Dr. Jeff would not have that! Not only is he fixing it, he is doing it complimentary! Just amazed!!!! So impressed with this office!!!
Dr. Jeff Haskins and his team deliver exceptional service and a friendly environment. He uses the most current technology, so my daughter's teeth look great and the results have been faster than expected. Our prior Ortho was going to have my daughter in braces for 2 1/2 years, Jeff shortened that to under 2 years! More importantly he caught an issue that my daughter was having with her jawline and he was able to correct it with proper treatment. All appointments are on-time!
Dr.Haskins and Village Orthodontics has been wonderful. Just finished seeing him for my oldest son. His teeth looks beautiful! Dr.Haskins always made my son comfortable whenever we have appointment. Now we are seeing him for 2nd daughter. Just started having braces for her and she was very nervous before appointment,but Dr. and his staffs made her very comfortable and happy. Great Dr.Haskins and great staffs. We also love to see staffs' uniform.They changes holiday,event sometimes even Dr.Haski
My experience with Dr. Haskins and Village Orthodontics has been anything but positive. He might be a good orthodontist for kids but not for adults & not for Invisalign. He spends little time with the patient (unless the patient or his/her parents are wealthy) & never reviews the chart. They have made mistake after mistake with my care and lied. The staff, with the exception of Claudia, are either rude or sickeningly phony sweet. If I could do this over again I would have gone elsewhere.
My two kids' hardware keeps 'popping out', 'breaking', 'falling off'. Until today they responded to the emergency line promptly and would take us in with such malfunctions in short order, but now the line has gone dead (no callback for several hours now) and I'm thinking back to my own experience with braces - I never had anything break that needed fixing in the first place. But, boy, what a nice office. You can hear the money rolling in....
My son John had his braces experience with Dr. Haskins. We love the warm cozy experience everytime we would visit. Dr. Haskins and all of his staff are so friendly and make your visit a pleasant experience. Definitely going back with our other son who will need braces soon.
My kids love Dr Haskins, maybe not wearing braces but at least their experience at his office are positive!
Dr. Haskins is thorough, patient and has meticulous attention to detail. The entire staff and office staff is accommodating and helpful.
Dr. Haskins has a great combination of professional expertise, understanding of teens, caring, and fun!
Whenever I go to an ortho appointment or just a check up, I am always greeted with a big smile and Dr. Haskins has always been nice to everyone and he is a caring person who cares about your teeth.
Couldn't be happier with our experience with Dr. Haskins and his incredible staff!! We recommend them to all our friends and family!
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