Unfortunately my experience was very poor. At my yearly exam I told Dr Kim I was having difficulty breathing. She didn't say a word and then walked out. I thought she'd be back but nope. I asked a nurse if she was going to help with my breathing issue and I was told to make another appointment. Wow. So I called an old doctor who had me come in for testing. Fast forward a couple of months later I sent her a message about another problem. And she told me to go ask my "new" doctor. 0 stars!
Dr. Chae Kim, MD is one of the WORST doctors ever! She is NOT compassionate. She is DISTANT. She is UNINTERESTED. My husband's blood pressure was consistently 173/115 for 3 months (Hypertension Stage 3, Imminent Heart Attack). We had to wait 2 weeks to get an appointment. Had to wait an hour; there weren't any other patients in the waiting room. She just wanted to ask standard questions and fill in her form on the computer. No exam. She prescribed him Salt pills and appt. 3 months later!
Very easy going to talk to but most importantly she is knowledgeable and I felt that she was genuinely concerned about me and my health issues. She took the steps to refer me to a specialist to rule out other causes for my symptoms.
Dr. Scremin is smart and inquisitive. She listens, considers all the angles, and her knowledge-base is impressive and wide-reaching. Her tests and treatments address the actual issues instead of the superficial, cookie-cutter symptom solutions you sometimes experience in the medical field. Dr. Scremin is empathetic, personable, and articulate on top of having world-class medical expertise. The facility is immaculate and state-of the-art. The staff is friendly, helpful, and diligent.
Dr. Kim is very new and her inexperience shows. Had to repeat labs because of her incorrect order the first time. She does not listen and I feel I have to endlessly discuss everything with her, emailing back and forth about anything I ask for. For example, if I want a referral or even about a medical problem I am having I feel I have to try and convince her do do something and she never does. She tried to prescribe me a medication I am allergic to knowing that I am allergic to it.
I had initially changed my dad's PCP several times, to find him an ENT specialist. But first we needed to get him a new PCP. Looked into Cedars-Sinai, and found Dr. Chae Kim. Of course, even though having only (1) 5 Star Review, we still decided to go with her, as my dad's PCP. And WHAT A GREAT DECISION! It was suspenseful, to find out, how Dr. Chae Kim would act and how her personality and knowledge in her field would be. And being that my dad needed a Korean speaking doctor. She was perfect!
Best doctor I met at UCLA. I was on a treatment trip to see different specialties in 2015, and he was the only doctor that assured me in every appointment. Has excellent skills, light hand, excellent encouragements, and you would leave happy, relaxed and assured. Gave me my time, a good listener too! Rest assured with Dr. Shubov, an EXCELLENT doctor!
I was referred to Cancer Center by my primary doctor. I liked Dr. Swati Sikaria because she believes in watch and wait which is believed to be the best course for certain diseases, such as CLL. There are so many new drugs being explored that a less invasive drug may become available when I need it.
I saw Dr. Shen at her Thousand Oaks UCLA office. She was thorough in her exam, spent a long time with me and was the first doctor in six years to diagnose my thyroid issue. I will be forever grateful to her. I highly recommend her.
Dr. Sikaria is fantastic. Her ability to explain complex conditions and treatments in easy to understand terms and her dedication to patient care are commendable. I've reached out on numerous occasions with specific questions, and her responses are timely, comprehensive, and well informed. In addition to her high level of subject matter expertise, I really enjoy her upbeat personality. She truly connects with patients and does everything possible to provide world class care.
Doc is amazing--quiet & unassuming, but vocal and always 'on-point' when he needs to be. A Sensational Bruin!!!! Saved my life TWICE!!!!!!!!!! SO EASY TO SPEAK WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr DonAngelo is a very knowledgeable physician. She has an excellent manner and is very caring in her nature. West Hollywood is very fortunate to be getting her back. I will miss her very much. I wish you well Ines. Thank you for being my Doctor. Tom
I was not a huge fan of Dr. anderson. I don't think she looked me in the eyes more than three times. She took a lot of time to explain medical terms and conditions but it was extremely robotic in nature and seemed abnormal.
She took her time to explain everything that I was visiting her for, my diagnosis, treatment plan, medications and lab work. Most awesome doctor ever!
Dr. Anderson is the best! She left her current practice and I'd like to find her. If anyone knows please email me at amanda.schumer@gmail.com
She wasn'the very helpful in determining the cause of my problem. It seemed like I was asking more questions to get to the bottom of my problem. She sounded very text book and lacked "bedside" manner. She seemed like she has better things to do.
I had a coronary angiogram with a stent on 6-21-16 done by Dr. Pavel Goykhman. The treatment by Dr. G, before, during and after the procedure was quite professional and reassuring. In this day and age when a Surgeon will go out of his way to make the patient feel comfortable, instills a great deal of trust for the Dr.and I believe is a vital part of the process. I highly recommend Dr. Goykhman. Robert Cohen (ALIVE & WELL)
Dr. Donangelo answered every question i had before i had a chance to ask. Shes very thorough, detailed, patient, and really has been the first time in months since my TT, that i did not leave a doctors office aggravated or feeling like i was being rushed out. I left feeling confident that i finally found a doctor whos able to help
Outstanding bedside manner. Thorough explanations of my diagnoses. Incorporated my goals into medication decisions.
Excellent patient care, very thorough and detailed with follow ups

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